10 Essential Ingredients Of An E-commerce Website Package

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When you are looking for an e-commerce website design package, you need to look beyond just saving the cost. Of course, low cost website development is important, but that shouldn’t be the only factor to consider while building a website. 

e-commerce web developer singapore

Here are 10 essential ingredients of an e-commerce website package that you must lookout for, besides the web design cost.

#1 Responsive Design

Make sure that your web design package includes responsive design to make your website mobile-friendly. 

This will ensue that the device (be it mobile, laptop or a computer) used to access your website can automatically adjust the display based on its orientation (portrait or landscape) and screen size.

#2 Newsletter Subscription

Getting your customers to sign up to your newsletter is a great way of keeping them engaged and have them coming back for more.

Therefore, your e-commerce website package must have a feature of newsletter subscription for your customers to sign up and manage their subscription options while providing you advanced newsletter management features.

#3 Discount Coupons

Everybody loves discount. Isn’t it? Your customers too want to get discount coupons when they make a purchase on your e-commerce store. 

Therefore,  you must opt for a web design package wherein your website developer can incorporate a feature for you to be able to offer coupons for fixed amounts, percentage offs or specific products. 

#4 Shipping Cost Management

Managing shipping cost on your website can get tricky with various strategies like free shipping, flat rate shipping, cost based on product size/weight, next day shipping, etc. 

The list can get really long. You need to provide your customers with the options they want.

Therefore, shipping cost management feature must be an essential part of your e-commerce website design package.

#5 Payment Options

Everyone likes choices. Some customer use credit card, while other prefer using PayPal. 

Your web design package must have several options for accepting payments. In other words, your website designer must be able to provide you with multiple payment methods.

#6 Sharing Options

Your website developer can easily add short links on your website with sharing options to allow the customers to spread the word about your product offerings.

People use social media all the time and including a sharing feature can be a huge boost.

Pick an e-commerce website design package that includes support for sharing via social media platforms, SMSs, and more.

#7 Up-Selling & Cross Selling

You should consider using up-selling & cross selling techniques to offer friendly suggestions to your customers to boost your conversion rates.

Choose an e-commerce website design package that has a feature of both up-selling & cross-selling.

#8 Price Filters

You need to ensure that you equip your customers with the ability to sort your products based on price. 

Your web design package should include a feature of “robust price filtration” so that your customers can always find the products according to their specific requirements and budget. 

#9 Products Display

Be clear on your product categories and the structure of your online store. A poorly structured website does not perform well and struggles with conversions.

The goal is to make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Work with your team and website designer to figure out how your products should be categorized. 

Go with an e-commerce website design package that offers multiple choices for intuitive navigation, so you can choose what works best for your website.

#10 Zoomin Option

Nobody purchases a product without looking into its details. This is true not only for online stores, but physical stores as well where people tend to closely examine the product before making their decision.

This increases the significance of adding a zoom-in option to your product images, so customers have an opportunity to get comfortable with your offering. 

Customers can make an informed purchasing decision and feel happy about it only after they have examined the product closely.

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