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5 Plugins To Increase Conversions & Sales on WordPress Website

We all know that the¬†ultimate goal of any company to build their corporate website is to get more leads & sales. Isn’t it? However most of the companies lose their focus when they indulge in managing &¬†maintaining their websites. Luckily, if your website has been developed using WordPress, there are […]

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Internal Server Error in WordPress

Are you facing an “Internal Server Error” issue on your WordPress website? There could be multiple reasons for this issue. In this blog, I am going to share some of those possible reasons along with their solutions. You may try one of these solutions before contacting your web developer so […]

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7 Interesting Facts About WordPress

WordPress web development is an ideal solution for small businesses in Singapore to initiate their online presence. Although many people think that WordPress is good only for blogging and not for website development this is not at all true. With the introduction and advancement of Custom Post Types, WordPress has […]

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Why WordPress Websites Are Good for Small Businesses

WordPress has become one of the most popular & preferred CMS in the world today. Going beyond a blogging platform, WordPress has a lot of great features through which a great CMS website can be built. Probably this is the reason that most web developers consider WordPress as the first […]


5 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

We all know that social media is no more optional for any business these days. Instead, it has become one of the essential ingredients for a successful marketing recipe. As you know that learning WordPress & setting up a basic website is not so difficult, the same is the case […]


How to increase maximum file upload size for WordPress website

It may sound familiar to you that when you try to upload a pdf or mp3 file of more than 2MB, your WordPress website wouldn’t allow you to do so. Usually, most web hosting companies give you the ability to upload max up to 2 MB of files. In this […]