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Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


What is Hummingbird Update by Google? Is it Good or Bad?

Hummingbird is the largest update made by Google to its search algorithm since 2001. Several webmasters and search engine optimizers have taken it wrongly and in a negative manner however its not really bad at all.If you care to have high quality content on your website and still chasing for […]


Latest trends of SEO activities

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a hidden treasure for many internet marketers because most of them would not achieve even a small share of it and therefore treasure remains a treasure, always.I know most of the search engine optimizers who are reading this blog would not agree with […]


Benefits of author rich snippets

In my previous blog post, I had explained¬†what is Author Rich Snippet and how it is good for SEO. In this post I will share few more benefits of ‘Author Rich Snippets’.As we already know that author rich snippets help search engines like Google to associate authors with their respective […]


How to embed Google+ code with your blog

In my last post “Importance of Author Rank in SEO” , I had explained the benefits of building Author Rank in SEO and in this post I will share how you can use the Google+ code with your blog so that the Google search results will show your author rich […]


Importance of Author Rank in SEO

Author Rank is a system introduced by Google to verify the ownership of online content which helps to reduce the spam practices.Earlier there were no ways for search engines to figure out the authentication of online content but now with the invent of Author Rank, both search engines and users […]