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Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization for e-Commerce Websites

If you have an e-commerce website and want to increase the sales volume of your products,then online marketing  could be a perfect solution for you.Be it Pay Per Click(PPC) for your e-Commerce website or Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for your website,both of these sources can be helpful to you for increasing the […]


Why Google doesn’t show up your meta description

Meta description tag is used to display a short text of upto 160 characters on the search engine listing pages.However you may have noticed sometimes that search engines like Google would not show up the text which you have used in the meta description tag of your webpages.Rather,it shows a snippet randomly […]


7 website issues which could affect your SEO

SEO is not just building your website’s credibility among search engines through content marketing & ethical link building.SEO(Search Engine Optimization) actually starts from your website itself and if your website is not search engine friendly,you could not achieve the desired results (which is to get more traffic & enhanced ranking […]


Why You Must Invest in SEO Services

With the increase in competition among online businesses & buyers’ dependency on search engines to find suitable vendor for them;hiring SEO services from experts has become inevitable now.If you have a website and you intend to grow your business using your website,then SEO is a must thing for you. In this blog […]


5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing for SEO

Search engines like Google come up with frequent changes in their algorithms and it is important for all the webmasters/SEO Consultants or the companies providing SEO services to follow those algorithms strictly.If you notice;during the last decade,there were many changes in the various algorithms of search engines but content is always here to […]


SEO tips for eCommerce Sites:SEO Consultant Singapore

Just having an e-Commerce website alone will not meet the objectives of your online retail business unless you have noticeable amount of targeted traffic on your online store.As an SEO Consultant Singapore,I have come across many e-Commerce websites which are extremely excellent in terms of design & images used but […]


Roles of an SEO Consultant

Very often,I face a common question from my clients “OK, so you are an SEO consultant.Can you let me know what role you will play if we hire you as our SEO consultant?”.I completely understand that a position of SEO consultant is not traditional like other positions in the organisation but at the same […]


Google Penguin 2.1- Effects and Recovery Measures

Penguin 2.1 is technically the 5th Penguin update released by Google and it hit the web on 4th of October 2013. For those of you who don’t really know what this means, let us make things pretty simple. Google, the search engine giant comes up with various updates periodically. Everybody […]


Tags & Categories issues with search engines

Have you ever faced the problem of duplicate content while using WordPress blog tags and categories? Have you seen the same content appearing on various different tag URLS like /blog/tags/online-marketing/ ? If your answer is yes, then you must take action to fix this problem because this can really hurt […]


5 points to understand the basics of SEO

Are you new to SEO? Or you don’t understand the SEO reports sent by your SEO consultant? Is your SEO company not able to explain you the basics of SEO? Do you want to verify whether you SEO company is doing all necessary activities for your website or not? In […]