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Facebook Ads Writing

6 Tips To Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy

When you think of Facebook ads, what comes to your mind? A big & attractive graphic that we see as sponsored ads on our Facebook timeline. Isn’t it? Not only this, but I’ve even heard many newbie advertisers saying that in order to make a Facebook ads campaign successful, all you need is a nice image […]


7 Best Ways to Integrate Facebook with Your Website

Either like it or avoid it, FACEBOOK has become a necessity for businesses. If you are not exploring much on Facebook, you are surely missing a major share of your revenue. In this blog, we are going to share the 7 best ways & techniques your web designers can follow […]


5 effective ways to use Facebook plugins on your website

Facebook is everywhere. Be it business, personal networking, or social community, you will realize that people have found using Facebook conveniently to meet their objectives. However, having a Facebook account or business page is not enough. Since it’s a social tool, it’s very important to spread your Facebook account across […]


Getting best from your facebook marketing activities

‘Facebook marketing’, ‘leads from Facebook’,’ product awareness through Facebook’!! I know these are the words that you hear so often during your sales or marketing meetings in your office these days. I am sure that Facebook marketing must be on the list of your prime marketing sources now and your […]


5 tips on increasing business from social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is a hot topic of discussion in every business strategy meeting in most companies today why not, after all this medium is more effective and can be explored in an affordable budget as compared to the traditional mediums of marketing. The traditional ways of doing marketing like […]