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9 Smart ways to gain customers’ trust for your ecommerce website

With the growing number of frauds & unethical activities that several bad eCommerce companies practice, it has become more difficult than ever for customers to trust any eCommerce business, especially new ones. Even many companies that are ethical in their operations and sell great quality products are also suffering because […]

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7 exciting ways to get more eCommerce sales through mobile checkout

OK, so you have an eCommerce website and wondering how you can multiply your online sales. Well, there are a lot of hacks to grow your eCommerce sales but in this blog post, I will be sharing a few ways (tested & proven) to optimize the mobile checkout process of […]

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8 Things To Do After Your WordPress Ecommerce Website Is Ready

So you’ve recently got a new online store built on WordPress? Great. You’ve made the right choice. WordPress is really a great option for developing an eCommerce website. Now, what next? Have you already uploaded all the products and content on your website? Have you planned how you will organize your […]

SEO for ecommerce websites

How to Tackle SEO Challenges For Ecommerce Websites

We all know that most eCommerce websites have hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of web pages. It entirely depends on the range of their products. I’ve experienced that many eCommerce webmasters don’t follow best practices when it comes to SEO of their eCommerce websites especially when their websites become giant (having […]

WooCommerce Wordpress

5 Best slider plugins for your WooCommerce online store

A slider is considered one of the best attraction gainers on eCommerce websites. This means, having an attractive image slider can encourage visitors to spend more time on your website. Usually, you need web developer help to build animated sliders but thankfully with WordPress, you can just do it on […]

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4 Tips to boost your eCommerce website or eCommerce app sales

eCommerce businesses have become more competitive than ever before. And guess what. It’s going to be tougher in the coming years to establish a profitable & successful online business and justify your eCommerce development cost. With the increasing competition and customer awareness, you really need to brainstorm & refine your prevailing […]

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5 Woocommerce plugins to grow your ecommerce sales

What is WooCommerce? Woocommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins available for WordPress websites to set up a robust online store & it’s also a favorite choice of eCommerce developers to create a shopping cart on WordPress websites. Woocommerce is a free plugin available to install on any WordPress […]

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Saving abandoned orders on your ecommerce website

An increase in abandoned orders rate is really a nightmare for eCommerce businesses. There can be several reasons for the high abandonment rates on eCommerce websites, however below are a few of the major ones: #1 Unexpected costs: Customers can be shocked by the price spike when taxes and shipping […]