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Lesson Four-How to manage Settings of your WordPress Blog-Part 1

We learned “how to manage the Posts section on WordPress” in our last post. In this post, we will learn about the ‘Settings’ tab of your WordPress admin dashboard. This is one of the most important tabs of your blog because it controls the overall behavior and pattern of your […]


Lesson Three-How to use Posts section of your WordPress blog

In the last lesson, we learned how we can use the tools section of the WordPress blog. In this blog post, we will learn how to use the link tab “Posts” of your WordPress blog and I will also share a few simple tips on how you can create & […]


Lesson One-Improve appearance of your blog

OK, so now you already know how to set up a blog with WordPress and I hope you have already created one for yourself. In this blog post, I will share some tips on how you can improve the appearance of your blog. First of all, you will need to […]


How to set up a blog with WordPress.com

As I explained in my last post “WordPress.com vs WordPress.org“, I believe you must have decided between these two options. If you’ve decided to create a blog with WordPress.com, then this post is for you because, in this post, I will share the steps to create a WordPress.com blog in […]


WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Lots of people ask me about the difference between having a blog with WordPress.com Vs. having a blog with WordPress.org and most of them have the impression that both are the same however there is a lot of difference between the two which I will share in this blog post. […]