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6 Reasons Why In-App Feedback Helps You To Build Great Mobile Application

If you already have a mobile application for your business and thinking about different ways to make it great, consider getting feedback from your existing users. Or if you need a great mobile app but not sure from where to start, go for a basic version of your app and […]

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11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building An App

Do you have a unique idea and looking for a mobile app? Perhaps, you may need a mobile app for your existing business. Whatever the case, before you hire a mobile app developer & get your app development started, here are few questions to ask yourself. #1 Who will be […]

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9 Must-Have Features In Your E-Commerce Mobile Application

Mobile E-Commerce is at its peak and seams to show no signs of slow down in the near future. The 2 major reasons of increased demand for e-commerce mobile apps are the higher usage of smartphones and the comfort that they buyers get in purchasing the products online & making […]

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9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

Do you want to create a mobile app for your business and looking for an app developer? If yes, then this blog post could guide you about some of the important questions that you must ask your app developer before you hire him or her. In this post, I will […]

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7 Essential Features Of An E-Wallet Mobile Application

These days, people love to use mobile apps to make payments, because its quick & fuss-free. Moreover, we don’t need to carry cash, check or credit card with us to make the payments. All we need is a smartphone, which will carry with us, anyway. Most of the major service […]

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5 Essential Elements That A Finance Mobile App Must Have

There has been a substantial improvement in the way various businesses are serving & engaging their clients with. Financial institutions are not at exceptions. Over a decade, almost all the financial institutions or agencies have been interacting with their customers through the websites and emails.  Now it’s time to go […]

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8 Essential Features Of An Event Mobile Application

Do you want to develop a mobile application for your events business?  Perhaps, you are thinking to create a mobile app for your training or seminars that you hold every year. Before you hire an app developer to build a mobile application for you, do ensure that your application has […]

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9 Questions That You Must Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

So you want to develop a mobile application for your business and looking out for best yet affordable app developers to do the job for you? Here are 9 questions that you must ask before finalising a developer: #1 How Much Experience They Have? This is perhaps the most important […]

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6 Must Have Features For Your E-Commerce Mobile App To Beat Competition

Getting a mobile application developed and launched is not a challenge anymore. You can easily hire a mobile developer at an affordable price and launch your e-commerce app in 2-3 months.  But what after that? Will your mobile app be able to outrank your competition? Will your mobile app be […]

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8 Essential Features Of A Co-Sharing Mobile App

A co-sharing app is an innovation of digital transformation that is designed specifically for businesses to increase productivity and secure growth. However, co-sharing app differs from one another in the features it possesses. This is why we shall be looking at 8 essential features to look for in a co-sharing […]