Getting best from your facebook marketing activities

Facebook Marketing‘Facebook marketing’, ‘leads from Facebook’,’ product awareness through Facebook’!! I know these are the words that you hear so often during your sales or marketing meetings in your office these days. I am sure that Facebook marketing must be on the list of your prime marketing sources now and your company must have hired either a full-time resource for doing FaceBook activities or a FaceBook consultant to get your services and products promoted on Facebook. But does it really work for your company? Does your company get optimum ROI? I am sure many of you must have a common answer ‘No’?

In this blog post, I am not going to tell you why your Facebook marketing efforts are not bringing desired results for your organization but I will share some tips with you on how you can get the maximum from your Facebook marketing efforts.

Based on my experience of working on my clients’ Facebook accounts, I would like to share some tips with you that really work (Really!).

Tip One: Facebook page & profile

To get started, you must have a complete profile on your Facebook page so that if the visitors try to know more about your company/products or services, they must be able to view the required information from your profile page. Secondly, it’s very important that your Facebook page must have a nice timeline image which should be attractive & informative enough to encourage your users to spend some time on your page and know more about your company.

Tip Two: Best days

Once you have a nice page and profile ready for your company’s Facebook account, the next thing is to determine the best days to post your content. For eg. if you are into B2C business, then weekends must be good days for you to interact with your targeted visitors however if your business is more into B2B, then being active during weekdays would be a nice idea. You can also determine your best days through your competitor’s Facebook pages and the responses they get during those best days.

Tip Three: Best time

Yes, you heard it right; best time. Posting the content during the best time can yield maximum engagement among your targeted visitors. For eg., if you are into B2C business, then posting content during the evening or late evening could prove to work best for you. One of my clients who is into the online gifts business, gets maximum engagement on their FaceBook page during late evenings only because their fans tend to search for gifts after their office hours only, especially when they reach their home and had their dinner. So, the timing of content posting does matter to Facebook page engagement.

Tip Four: Frequency

Frequency is another important factor that you must consider while managing any FaceBook account because sometimes it really sucks your followers when you post too frequently. It all depends on the age, interest, and other features of your followers. For eg., if you are managing a Facebook page for a corporate business and having professionals added to the page following list, it may be annoying for them to receive frequent notifications about your posts. On the other hand, if you are managing a business page for a company that deals with mobiles, devices, gadgets, etc. and have those fans added to your business page who have the same interest, then it’s likely that your fans may like your every post when you share something new about technology, tips or great offers frequently.

Tip Five: Write short

Your users don’t have enough time to read the whole information which you post on your Facebook page. Instead, they tend to scan the texts which you post so try to write brief content about any post you write or you may try using nice and catchy headlines to grab their attention.

Tip Six: Image speaks louder than words

As I mentioned in tip#5, your users tend to scan the texts as they don’t have enough time to read everything so it would be a good idea to use as many images & videos as you can. Studies have proved that images have a relatively high rate of engagement as compared to that texts.

Tip Seven: Seek input

If you keep writing about yourself, your company, your product, and your services, then it becomes a one-way communication and visitors lose interest when they don’t see any engagement by other fans. So it would be a good idea if you ask your fans to write/share their views and ideas based on your original post. Once you start getting some comments on your original post from a few of the fans, other fans also start interacting with your content and this process enhances the engagement for your post. After all, the whole idea behind these social platforms is to be social, always.

I know the above tips seem pretty easy to follow but the key is consistency. Initially, you may not see drastic results when you start following my above tips but believe me, in just a couple of weeks you will come to know what I mean.