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5 tips on increasing business from social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is a hot topic of discussion in every business strategy meeting in most of the companies today and why not, after all this medium is more effective and can be explored in an affordable budget as compared to the traditional mediums of marketing.The traditional ways of doing marketing like Television, Radio and Print Media costs a lot and at the same time the usage of these mediums is gradually becoming less by z-gen.

Increasing business with social media marketing
Increasing business with social media marketing

In this blog,I thought to share some basic tips/strategies for new business owners who have either planned to get started with social media marketing by their in-house team or trying to hire a social media marketing expert.

Be Visible

The first step in the process of social media marketing is to have your company’s account in various social networking websites like FaceBook,Twitter etc. Once you have it done, start sharing the link with your targeted customers.You can do this by mentioning your links on your business cards,flyers,website,email marketing and so on.Get people to learn about your social media accounts so that they can follow your company social accounts and do participation regularly.

Be Adventurous

Don’t just talk about FaceBook and Twitter, instead explore horizons with other good networking sites like Instagram,Pinterest etc. The more you explore, the higher would be the outcome of your social media marketing efforts.You must manage your social accounts portfolio in such a way that you get diversified traffic from several sources on your website because you never know which traffic source (FaceBook,Twitter,Instagram or Pinterest) can bring quality traffic and get you high ROI.

Be Human

I am sure that many of you must have heard about software & tools which can help you to post on your behalf at scheduled time and date but don’t rely on such tools completely as social networking industry is based on humanism and can get you desired results only if you follow its norms.So try to give a human touch to each and every post that you do and believe me you will be astonished to see the results.

Be Involved

It is very likely that maintaining a regular posting schedule on social networking websites could get you a good amount of followers who will comment or reply on your posts.Just don’t leave them as they are, instead try to be prompt in replying back to them.Because your followers expect you to get involved in the conversation that you had initiated yourself and if you don’t do so, they will lose interest in your social page and will never participate again and thereby leaving your social page a one-way communication source.

Be Consistent

A pre-requisite to achieve success in anything you do is to be regular and maintain consistency and so is the case with social media marketing.Most of the business owners would try to evaluate the results of their cost & time that they have put on social media marketing campaigns in a very short period of time and they usually forget that social media is a long run process and its imperative to work consistently on it otherwise there would be no results from these activities.Why? Its very simple would you like to purchase products of a company who don’t run their advertisements on Television or Radio any more? I know your answer would be ‘No’ because the company or business who has zero visibility is considered out of the industry and no one would like to deal with them.

Social media marketing can really do wonders for your business provided you follow a well defined strategy for the same and follow it consistently. I will come back with more tips to utilize social media for your business growth.

2 thoughts on “5 tips on increasing business from social media marketing”

  1. You offer some great tips for business owners who want to use or hire someone to use social media. What I notice as well is that most businesses on social media love to talk instead of listen. They talk about buying their product or service and about liking their page, basically it’s all about them, and nothing about their fans.

    1. Yes Patrick, you are right and that’s the reason the objectives of social media are not met.The businesses on social media will really need to listen to their followers as well.

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