10 Best Apps for Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

Industry honchos agree on one fact social media is probably one of the best things that have happened in the online marketing niche since the emergence of the internet. Even though social media sites have been in existence for a decade or so, it was only during the last few years that their true potential started getting recognized by businesses.

Organizations have now started banking on aggressive marketing and advertising. When that is the goal in mind, what can be better than platforms that enable organizations to reach out to a large number of people at the same time while bearing minimal cost?

Facebook marketing is one of the best online marketing methods that could help your business reach over 1 billion people instantly. You can target exactly the demographic you wish and can have direct communication with your clients.

In this blog, I would like to share the top 10 Facebook apps that you must use to give your business as much exposure as you can on this platform:

1) Facebook forum: Do your fans love to chat? If yes, then why not give them a place to do so? Add the app to your Facebook page. Your work of market research will become much easier this way.

2) Scribd: Need to impress your fans with pictures, slideshow presentations, PDFs, documents, and other portfolio items? The Scribd app for Facebook will help you do all that easily.

3)¬†Google Maps: This is a must if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment. Increase your ‘walk-in’ traffic by helping your fans find your store by including the ‘Google Maps’ app in your timeline.

4) Involver RSS for pages: If you are looking for a good blog app, nothing will be better than RSS for pages. Your fans will review your blog directly from your Facebook tab.

5) Pinterest app: Who isn’t a fan of Pinterest, right? Use your Pinterest profile on the Facebook page of your business and let your fans see the marketing-orientated images.

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6) Contact tab: The contact tab gives the contact form a great interface, which includes all of your contact info, maps, social icons, and URLs in one place.

7) YouTube video application: If you have got a video then it needs to be on Facebook. The audience loves to watch videos.

8) Twitter app: While the Twitter app on your Facebook page is a must-have for helping your fans get quick info about your business, never link your Twitter and FB accounts!

9) FAQ app: Your business must have a FAQ segment. Add this app to your Facebook timeline and let your fans know the basic things about your business in a jiffy.

10) Contests, Polls & Quiz: When it comes to audience engagement, people love to contribute their views/answers to the contests, polls, or quiz sections of your Facebook page. So, get the best of these apps for your FB business page.

Have you some more applications in mind? Do share with me!