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Is your website responsive (mobile-friendly)?

If not, then you must consider converting your website into a responsive web design.


A responsive web design enhances users experience & help your website to secure a higher position on search engines.

So, make sure that your website looks good not only on desktops, but on smartphones and tablets too.

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Why Responsive Web Design is Important?

#1 Rise Of Mobile Usage

With the rise in the usage of mobile devices, it has become rather mandatory for every business to have a responsive website design.

Not having a responsive website can result in losing business, instead I would say giving away your prospective clients and business to the competitors because most of your competitors may have responsive websites.

#2 Responsive Websites Are Good For SEO

Search engines like Google love responsive websites & they seriously consider these websites over non-responsive websites to rank on the top positions of their search results. If you don’t have a responsive website, you may be losing your SEO credibility too. 

#3 Social Media Traffic Use Mobiles

Various studies show that more than 50% of users browse social media platforms through their mobiles. If you don’t have a responsive website, you may be losing all of the social media traffic coming to your website.

#4 Single Website For All Devices

Responsive website design is always considered better than adaptive website design because latter doesn’t provide you with the flexibility to maintain a single website for all the devices.

As we know that the websites based on adaptive web design have different link for mobiles and therefore, you are required to maintain both the versions simultaneously however in case of responsive web design, you just need to update one website and it will reflect the changes for all the devices automatically.

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