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Roles of an SEO Consultant

Very often, I face a common question from my clients “OK, so you are an SEO consultant. Can you let me know what role you will play if we hire you as our SEO consultant?”.I completely understand that the position of SEO consultant is not traditional like other positions in the organization but at the same time, there is a huge demand for SEO consultants in the online marketing industry these days. Therefore, this is the right time to learn about SEO consultants and their roles & responsibilities.


Although there are several roles of an SEO consultant, I have listed some of the major roles out here:

Information Gatherer 

As an SEO consultant in Singapore, my primary role has always been to do research & gather necessary information about the industry for which I am working. Before strategizing SEO plans for their websites, I must understand & gather useful insights about the companies’ business and their industries. This can be done by analyzing the products, competition, and brand value of the company. Therefore gathering necessary information is the first and foremost role of an SEO consultant.

Behaviour Analyser

Just like different people may call a specific product by different names, the company’s target users may also search for their products by different names. Therefore, it’s the SEO consultant’s job to identify the keywords on which the company’s products or services are being searched and propose them to the businesses. After analyzing & selecting those profitable keywords, an SEO consultant must prepare a plan to rank them and bring traffic from those keywords.


SEO consultants must always educate their clients about the ever-changing algorithms of search engines and the reason to choose a suitable set of SEO strategies for them.SEO is not rocket science but still, there are a lot of dark areas about search engine optimization among many people. Therefore, an SEO consultant must educate his/her client and keep them informed about the strategies he/she is going to implement for them.

Result Provider

All the SEO activities performed by the SEO consultants can be measured by the end results (of course, positioning the websites in higher positions and increasing the website traffic) and therefore, an SEO consultant must provide accurate and handy reports for the clients to enable them to measure the SEO results.

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