How to get more conversions by using profitable keywords

A million dollar question for every online business: Keywords Ranking or Conversions?

No doubt, getting your business in top positions of search engines has always been an evergreen desire of your company but will that really help to grow your sales? That’s a question that nobody cares about until they reach top positions and still don’t get any conversions.

The point which I want to highlight here is that you must not focus to get your website on top pages for a specific set of keywords; instead, you must focus on getting quality traffic to your website from the profitable keywords.


During my practice as an SEO consultant in Singapore, I came across several business owners who were not happy even after being in top positions of search engines for their desired set of keywords. The reason is simple; they didn’t get a good amount of conversions from those keywords. After analyzing the traffic and conversion ratio of their website, I found that most of the keywords they used to get traffic were either irrelevant or general. So, I helped them to find out the profitable keywords for their businesses and rank those keywords in top positions which apparently resulted in more conversions and sales.

Let me share an example with you. What do you think which keyword would bring more conversions for a real estate agent?

Option 1: Condos in Singapore
Option 2: Condos for sale in Singapore

Of course, option #2 would bring more leads & sales for any real estate business despite the fact that option#1 keyword has high monthly searches while option#2 has a comparatively low amount of monthly searches.

This evidence makes it clear that it doesn’t matter whether you are visible on search engines for the keywords which have a high amount of monthly searches but what makes your SEO strategy fruitful is how many clicks you get for relevant or what I call “Profitable Keywords”.The more traffic you get from profitable keywords, the higher would be the conversions for your business.

How to find profitable keywords?

There could be several ways of finding a list of profitable keywords for your SEO campaigns.I have listed a few of them which could prove to be the best sources of getting these keywords:

#1 Observe  your competitors

This is one of the best ways to find out the best & relevant keywords for your industry.You may study the website of your competitors who you think are doing great in your industry & observe the keywords that they have been focusing on. Make a list of those keywords and ensure that this list aligns with your business interests as well. Define & re-define your keywords list by having a close study to at least 10 competitors’ websites and you will notice very soon that you will be having a list of profitable keywords with you. Hire an SEO specialist who you think can offer you the best services for search engine optimization and provide him/her with a list of your profitable keywords.

#2 Get your Web Analytics report

Web analytics reports can easily tell you the list of keywords that were used by the users to find your website and the keywords which brought conversions for your business. Of course, once you have the details of these keywords, you can include them in your profitable keywords list.

#3 Pay attention to your website’s internal search engine

Similar to the web analytics report, if your website uses search engines to enable users to find anything on your website, it could prove to be an incredible tool to list out the relevant & profitable keywords for your SEO campaign because it will show you the real-time report of keywords which were used by your website visitors to find out their desired information.

#4 Dig out the best local classifieds in your area

A local classified or business directory could be one of the best databases for you to find out the keywords that they use for your industry type. For eg., if you are in the real estate industry, you can observe the keywords or names that local classifieds or business directories use to define your industry/service type and you can further dig out to find out the categories and sub-categories to fetch the list of best keywords for you.

SEO is not a waste of money if done correctly & finding out profitable keywords is the first and foremost step of doing SEO in a correct manner.