How to embed Google+ code with your blog

In my last post “Importance of Author Rank in SEO“, I explained the benefits of building Author Rank in SEO, and in this post, I will share how you can use the Google+ code with your blog so that the Google search results will show your author rich snippets for your posts.

Assuming that you already have your Google+ account and you have done the necessary settings as I explained in my previous posts, now you need to go to your Google+ profile and copy the URL of your profile for eg. Once you have this link, you may go to your blog and insert it with your name at the bottom of posts for eg.

Author: <a href=””>Bhupesh Kalra</a>

Once you have it done, you may wait for a couple of days for Google to index it and show your author rich snippet in search results however you may test it out yourself instantly through the tool like I have done for myself (you may see below):


If this tool shows you a result like the above, then you have done it correctly.

And yes, please do not forget to read the benefits of the author-rich snippet in my next post.