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Is Your Website Speed Killing Your SEO?Learn How to Fix


As we already know and I have mentioned many times in several of my blogs that a website download speed is one of the signals for search engines (especially Google) to consider the website to rank on top positions of  their search results.Having said this,I would like to add a note here that optimizing a website for its download speed is a necessary activity for any SEO Campaign.

Its not about only search engines but various studies have proved that a website which has optimized download speed has more chances of getting 6-7% more conversions as compared to those websites which doesn’t load faster.The reason is very simple: The faster your website loads,the more chances your website has of users completing several actions like form submission,making a purchase,calling at your given phone number etc.

In this blog,I would like to share 2 great & free-to-use tools that would help you to determine the download speed of your website and could also suggest some of the corrective measures in order to improve the speed of your webpages.

1. Google Page Speed Insights

Google’s free tool (Page Speed Insights) let you enter your website URL and this tool will generate a report to show you the result of your website speed testing.It will give you a score out of 100 and you will also get a list of high,medium and low priority areas for improvement of your website speed.You can send this list to your website developer Singapore or discuss with your SEO expert Singapore on how you can get out of this situation.

2. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is one of the best tools available if you want to have an overview of how long your website takes to load in different parts of globe.It also provides a list of all the files on your server which are causing the slow down of your website.This list would help your web designer to look into the reported issue and fix them easily.Generally,any image file which is more than 200kb of size,should be optimized and shrunk down to a fraction of size without losing its quality.Fixing all the files for their sizes will definitely improve the loading speed of your website.