Benefits of author rich snippets

In my previous blog post, I explained what is Author Rich Snippet and how it is good for SEO. In this post, I will share a few more benefits of ‘Author Rich Snippets’. As we already know author rich snippets help search engines like Google to associate authors with their respective websites or content networks, here is a short list of a few more advantages of author-rich snippets:

Increase the CTR (Click Through Ratio) of the website

Having an author-rich snippet (something like below) in the search results for specific keyword(s) helps the listing to attract users and increase the click-through ratio. The reason for the increase in CTR is that the users are more likely to click on your search listing when they see you as an authenticated user along with your image and link to more content written by you.

Gain recognition among search engines

In this dynamic era of search engines like Google where they keep changing the algorithms frequently, it has become very important for businesses to build a reputation that can protect their websites from the bad effects of Google updates like Panda. Search engines have learned that spammy websites use low-quality content to increase their visibility and give their users a bad experience. Looking at this scenario, when search engines find authenticated content through author-rich snippets, they start giving value to that content and consider keeping them aside from updates against spam practices.

Building online reputation

With your photo in the search engine results along with a link to view more content written by you, you are going to have a reputed image in the online industry. If your content writing style is really interesting, informative, and worth reading, users will start recognizing you as an authenticated & renowned author and whenever they see your next listing, they will not miss reading it at all.

Stand apart from your competitors

If your competitors are not using this technique, then it’s a wonderful chance for you to stay ahead of them by doing something different. I am sure that not many businesses use this technique to promote their websites due to several reasons which could be a lack of resources for content writing, a lack of consistency, or even a lack of knowledge about author-rich snippets. So, grab this technique now and rule over them.

Are you asking me how to have author-rich snippets in search engine results? It’s a very simple process that you can do easily through your Google+ account.BTW, I already explained in my previous post “how to embed Google+ code with your blog” or website.