5 points to understand the basics of SEO

SEO-Check Points

Are you new to SEO?

Or you don’t understand the SEO reports sent by your SEO consultant? Is your SEO company not able to explain to you the basics of SEO?

Do you want to verify whether your SEO company is doing all the necessary activities for your website or not?

In this post, I am going to list out a few basic but very important points that you must check when any SEO company is working on your website optimization.

1) Sitemap.xml: Sitemap.xml is a very basic step towards a successful SEO campaign. This file is being uploaded on the root of your server and helps search engines to know about all the pages of your website and makes it easier for them to crawl those pages easily.

So ideally, you should be able to find it at www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml If you don’t find this file on your server, you must question your SEO company today.

2) Meta tags: Meta tags are very crucial for any website to have proper optimization for search engines. Meta tags have many components out of which you may want to check 2 important tags which are Meta Title and Meta Description. The meta title is generally displayed on the top of the browser of your webpages and the Meta Description is found in the source code of the webpages.

3) Broken Links: A website with too many broken links (links that are not found) is considered to be a bad website in terms of SEO so it’s very crucial for every webmaster to check if there are any broken links in the website.

If you find broken links in your website, you must fix them immediately which will really help your website to have nice rankings on search engines. Don’t know how to find the broken links on your website? You may download a tool from www.xenu.com. Alternatively, you can also hire a website developer to identify & fix the broken links on your website.

4) Content Optimization: You must make sure that your SEO company/SEO consultant should focus highly on content optimization because the content is still considered king and will always be the same. When I say content optimization on your website, I mean that all of your web pages must have information/content which is aligned with your primary and related keywords.

For eg., if your company is into selling online flowers, your web pages must talk about related information and must have keywords like a florist, flower shops, online flowers, anniversary flowers, etc. If you check and find your webpage write-ups are well-optimized with necessary keywords, then you’ve hired the right SEO consultant.

5) URL convention: Many SEO companies don’t pay attention to the URL structuring of the website but it’s important for your to understand its importance.

If your website URLs have machine-made or strange URLs like www.yourwebsite.com/id=1&cat=99 then you must insist your SEO consultant get it optimized and make them something like www.yourwebsite.com/products/online-flowers/ because the latter URL helps search engine spiders to understand about your webpage in a better way.

These were the basic SEO checkpoints that you must make sure that your SEO company is complying with your website. It’s always better to be smart and educated rather an ignorant because it will help you save your money.