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Keywords Management for PPC Advertising

For PPC advertising, the most important and crucial process is keywords management which I feel is the backbone of any PPC campaign. The keywords selection must be done very carefully because the keywords if chosen correctly can help your campaign to yield high ROI however at the same time wrong keywords can lead your PPC campaign to a disaster. Each click costs you and therefore each click matters a lot to you.

Our team of PPC experts understands the role of keywords and therefore we take considerable time to perform thorough keyword research for your advertising campaign.

What do we do to manage keywords for PPC advertising?

#1 Keywords Research

The first and foremost important step under keywords management of a PPC advertising campaign is to research relevant keywords based on the business industry and list them down together and that’s what we do when we start working on any new PPC campaign. We use several best keyword research tools to determine relevant and industry-specific keywords. These tools help us to understand the potential of keywords by revealing their search volume, estimated cost per click, their search trend on Google, and a lot more.

#2 Keywords Grouping

After listing out the appropriate keywords for any specific PPC campaign, we then group them into different Ad Groups based on their relevance. This process helps us to achieve high CTR (Click Through Rate) and thus more clicks at optimized CPC (Cost per Click). We also group the keywords according to the budget of our clients. For eg. If our clients have a limited spending budget for their PPC campaign, we group low-cost keywords together and bid on them according to the budget. This is the reason that we claim “Even if you have a low PPC budget, we can still help you”.

#3 Keywords Performance Analysis

After running the campaign for a few days or a few weeks, we measure the performance of keywords. Accordingly, we continue with the high-performing keywords and replace non-performing or low-performing keywords with new keywords. This continual improvement process becomes a part of every PPC advertising campaign and this is the reason that we are able to deliver promised results to our clients.

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