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6 Tips to Get Maximum from PPC Campaign-PPC Consultant Singapore

PPC (Pay Per Click) has become one of the important element of online marketing and it can help you to get targeted traffic on your website thereby increasing your revenue.But at the same time,PPC,if not done properly,can have you lost thousands of dollars.So,you must make sure that you follow all the crucial check-lists before you spend money on PPC bidding.In this blog,I have tried to highlight 6 tips for running PPC campaigns successfully following which you can make sure that you get maximum return on your investment.

PPC Tip#1: Negative Keywords


Have you defined a set of negative keywords for which your ads shouldn’t appear on search engines?If not, then you must do it now.Specifying negative keywords will ensure that you get traffic from targeted users only.For eg. if you want to generate traffic from PPC for your online store and there is no way that you will be offering discount on your products.So you must specify ‘discount’ as one of your negative keywords so that the users who are looking for discount products shouldn’t see your adverts.

PPC Tip#2: Geographic Specification


If you are selling t-shirts in Singapore only, then there is no point getting traffic from Australia or Malaysia because you don’t have resources to supply your products out of Singapore.Therefore, you must make sure that you don’t loose your money in attracting users who are not your perspective customers.You must include your targeted countries and exclude other countries in the ‘Locations’ settings of your campaign.

PPC Tip#3: Mobile/Tablets Bids


It is always advisable to have separate campaigns for devices and PCs in order to measure the performance of both the segments.But before you start targeting mobile/tablets,you must make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly otherwise you will end-up with high bounce rates and loosing money without any conversions.A mobile landing page must be precise and easy-to-navigate with nice call to action buttons either in form of submission,downloads or tap to call.

PPC Tip#4:Landing Page Optimization


Landing page is the most important element of your PPC campaign and the key determinant of your campaign’s success therefore you must make sure that your landing page is optimized enough to get maximum conversions for your PPC campaign.A landing page must have appropriate call-to-actions,precise information,nice graphics,browser-compatibility,fast download speed and most importantly it shouldn’t have navigation links to distract the users.

PPC Tip#5: Relevant Ad Groups


As a PPC Consultant in Singapore,I’ve come across many PPC campaigns which doesn’t have keywords associated with their relevant ad groups and therefore it becomes one of the important tasks for me to re-organize the keywords according to their respective ad groups.So,for a PPC campaign to run effectively,all the keywords must be added under relevant ad groups.Let me explain this point with an example.If you sell jewelry in Singapore and you have a range of necklaces,bangles etc. you may consider creating a separate ad group for necklace and name it ‘necklace jewelry’ and assign keywords like silver necklace,white gold necklace etc. By having relevant keywords assigned to their respective ad groups,you make sure that your CTR is optimized and at the same time your CPC will also be reduced.

PPC Tip#6: Ad Extensions


Studies have shown that by including ad extensions in the adverts,you can increase your CTR by 30%. Ad extensions could be in the form of Location Extensions,Call Extension,SiteLinks Extensions,App Extensions,Review Extensions or Callout Extensions.

By following above tips, I am sure that you will be able to set-up your PPC campaign in an optimized manner which will yield you high return on your investment.


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