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Wondering About The Cost To Develop A Mobile Application? Read This

Do you have an idea for which you need a mobile app? But the only fear that’s stopping you to become an “Appy Entrepreneur” is the cost to develop your mobile app.

I know of many “could-be” entrepreneurs who have great ideas in their heads but they are scared to think about material-ising them into reality because they think it takes away all of your hard earned savings to develop an app.

So I thought to write a blog post and talk about some of the popular business concepts and their respective mobile apps development cost.

#1 Apps For Logistics or Delivery Business

delivery mobile app development cost

If you are into an e-commerce business or core delivery business and looking to automate your logistic process, a mobile app can help you to achieve this.


A delivery app may have but some of the below features:

  • Signup/login for customers to place orders & request for delivery.
  • Signup/login for drivers or riders to accept the delivery orders and send them to the customers.
  • Signup/login for pickup men to pick up the parcels and handover to delivery men.


  • Payment gateway to accept payments from the customers.
  • Option for customers and drivers/riders to rate & review each other’s services.
  • Option for customers to sign on the app or QR code scanning for confirmation of delivery.


  • Calculator to show an estimate of parcel delivery based on the specifications (dimensions & size) entered by the customers.

This kind of delivery app can cost you around or more than $15000

#2 Taxi/Cab Services

taxi booking mobile apps development cost

If you are keen to develop a mobile app for taxi services, then you need to make sure that your application has some of the but important features as mentioned below:


  • Trip Scheduling: Ability for the customers to book & schedule their trip. The users can select pick-up and drop-off location & see the available cars.
  • Confirm Trip: Ability for the drivers to accept or deny the trip.
  • Location Tracking: Once the trip is accepted by the driver, user can view the current location of the driver and can see the vehicle’s movement too. Similarly, the driver can also track the location of passengers.
  • Location Sharing: Ability for customers to share their trip info to their friends.
  • Reviews & Feedback: Ability for customers to rate & review the services of drivers. Similarly, the drivers can also rate & review the passengers.
  • Subscription Based Trips: The customers can also have an option to subscribe for a fixed/regular trip and get a best price for it. For eg. A customer can book his trip for the whole month or for one week to go to a certain location like office or home.
  • e-Wallet: Ability for the users to pay for their trip using their e-wallet credit balance.


The cost to develop a hailing app with above features could start from $25000

#3 Healthcare Services

mobile apps development singapore

If you are planning to develop a mobile application for healthcare services, you may go for below essential features:


  • Ability for patients to search for doctors using a search form that will be available in the app. The patients can search on the basis of Doctor’s name, Clinic’s name or Specialty.
  • Ability for patients to upload their important health related documents/reports like Diagnosis reports, Insurance documents & Prescriptions.
  • Ability for patients to view and call doctors who are available to see them at their house. Once they find such doctors, they can pay online to book their consultation.
  • Option for patients or users to call for the ambulance.
  • Option for patients or users to find out nursing facilities that are available at the comfort of their homes.
  • Ability for admin to upload the information of all the insurance providers along with their contact number and email.

The cost to develop a healthcare app with above features could start from $25000

#4 Business Classifieds

business classified mobile apps development cost

Develop an app that can help other businesses to get customers through your app.

This kind of mobile app is not new in the market but there is still huge demand for these applications because of rapidly increasing business setups.

But, in order to attract businesses to list on your app & get customers to use your app, you must ensure that your app has below features:


  • Ability for the companies to signup and list their business on the app.
  • Ability for the companies to upload their videos and images along with the information about their businesses.
  • Ability for companies to pay for a featured listing.
  • Ability for the users to search and view companies that provide their desired services or products.
  • Ability for the user to search nearby businesses.

The cost to develop a business classified app could start from $12000 however an app developer may charge you more than $12000 if you have some additional requirements.

apps developer singapore

There has been a lot of new innovations in the field of mobile apps for restaurants.

If you are also keen to build a mobile app for restaurants, below are but some of the attractive features:


  • Ability for the users to search for nearby restaurants.
  • Ability for the users to find out restaurants based on their specialities.
  • Ability for users to view the menu of any restaurant.
  • Ability for users to book a table or place an order through the app.
  • Ability for users to pay through app or pay cash at the restaurant.
  • Ability for users to rate & review the feedback of any restaurant.
  • Ability for restaurant owners to send push notifications to their existing customers and inform them about current offers or discounts.


The cost to develop a mobile app with above features may start from $15000

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