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4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Mobile App For Your Salon Business

So you have a beauty salon and you have been struggling to get more sales and more customers for your business?

In the age of digital marketing, if your customers are not able to find your salon online, you are definitely doing something wrong.

Have you every considered to get a mobile app for your business? No, its not expensive anymore. You can easily find an affordable mobile app developer and transform your business idea into reality. 


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Why mobile app?

Well, there are several advantages of mobile app development for any business however below are but some of the major benefits:

1. Mobile App As a Direct Marketing Channel: Yes, a mobile app can work as a full-time direct marketer for your business. You can provide your customers with special offers and promotions right at their fingertips using mobile applications.

When the users install your mobile apps on their devices, they get instant messages through push notifications and they can be easily reminded about your products and services.

Isn’t it great to reach your customers and get repeated business from them?

2. Mobile Apps For Brand Building: Having your mobile apps installed on their phones, your customers are being reminded about your business, services and products regularly.

As mentioned previously, you may get in touch with them directly through push notifications. And as a matter of fact, the more often your customers get engaged with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product and/or services.

A mobile app can serve like a blank billboard where you can display the messages that you want them to see.

3. Mobile Apps For Improving Customer Engagement: You can have several great features added into your mobile apps through which you can enhance the customer engagement. 

For eg. when a new customer buy any product or service from you, you can send them discounts and offers during on their birthdays and other special occasions.

You may also ask them through your mobile app to rate your services and tell share the screen with their friends on their social accounts like Facebook.

Just imagine, if you have 50 customers who are happy with your services and they share your mobile app on their Facebook timeline with their friends, what could be the potential for your business to get new customers just through referrals which means, free of cost.

4. Mobile Apps Help You to Beat the Competition: Although mobile apps are not new in the market but not every business has adopted this platform yet.

Having said this, now is the right time for you to get your mobile apps developed. The sooner, the better.

Just look around your immediate competitors and check if they have a mobile app or not. If not, then you must be the first one to launch it.

Even if your competitors have mobile apps, you can come up with new ideas for your own app and beat theirs. Get the help from an efficient mobile app developer and reshape your business.

Now, the next question is “Why you must have a mobile app for your salon business?”. Again, there are 4 major benefits of having a mobile app for your salon.

#1 Help Customers Reducing Waiting Time

If you’ve been struggling booking appointments on call for your salon, a mobile app for can become an assistant for you. A mobile app can help you book appointments, allocate appropriate time to each customer so that they don’t have to wait and it can also allow users to choose their stylist or allow the system to assign a stylist as per their availability.

So no more chaos at your salon. You can organise the whole process of your salon and that too without any effort, automatically through mobile apps.

#2 Showcase Your Services

You can also showcase all of your existing and new services on your mobile apps so that when the users open your app, they must be able to view and choose appropriate service(s) for them.

Now your customers don’t need to call you and ask about the price and features of every package that you offer. They can simply view the details through your mobile app and book themselves.

You just need to focus on providing best services to your customers and rest will be taken care by an intelligent mobile app.

#3 Offer Your Customers Cashless Mobile Payments

People are going cashless. They don’t want to carry bulky wallets with them.

By using a mobile app for your salon, you can offer your customers cashless mobile payments. They can easily choose the services, login with their preferred wallet account and then pay online.

#4 Facilitate Customer Management

It becomes difficult sometimes to manage all of your customer details manually on a register or even on your PC, if you do it manually.

A mobile app comes to your rescue. You can request your mobile app developer to sync all of your customer details and their order history with a web service that you can access through your website.

So all the customers who book your services through mobile app can be seen at the CRM section of your website. You can login the CRM and view all of your customers.


Got an Idea? Get an App!