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Why Mobile Apps For Laundry Business & 7 Essential Features Of A Laundry App

As people are getting busier & their lives getting hectic, the popularity for on-demand mobile applications has been increasing rapidly.

Be it food, beauty or delivery services, there are several mobile applications that are available in the market to make the lives of customers easier. 

Laundry services are at no exception.

laundry mobile apps design

If you too want to automate your laundry business with a mobile app or if you intend to setup a laundry mobile app business, this blog post will help you to figure out some of the essential features of a laundry app.

These essential features must be included in your app development proposal.

But before I write about the essential features of a laundry mobile app, let’s see what are the benefits of this app.

Benefits of having a mobile app for laundry business:

A. Ease of Customers

A laundry mobile app can help users to book their laundry orders online, on the tap on a few buttons.

B. Automation of Process

A mobile application also enables laundry businesses to automate their whole process (booking, payment, pickup & delivery) and help them work more efficiently on a large scale too.

C. Wide Coverage

With a mobile application, all the laundry businesses can cater to the needs of distant customers also, thereby removing all the geographical barriers.

If you too, are planning to develop a mobile app for a laundry business, here are 6 essential features of a laundry app.

Here are 7 essential features of a laundry app:

#1 Dashboard

A dashboard for all the customers, riders staff and admin will enable them to view all of their respective reports

For instance, the customers can view all of their orders, transactions, reviews etc.  

Riders staff can view all of their past & up-coming pick-up & delivery details. At the same time, admin can view all of the customers, orders, riders staff and transactions.

#2 Pickup Scheduling

Ability for customers to schedule their laundry pick-up will allow them to order instantly. Also, with the online payments integrated with the mobile app, the whole process can be made automated.

While selecting the pick-up time for their laundry, the customers can also choose preferred time along with some special remarks, if required.

Pick-up scheduling is perhaps the backbone of any laundry mobile app so you need to make sure that your app developer build this feature seamlessly.

#3 Tracking

The tracking feature of a laundry mobile app will allow the customers to view the status of their orders

There could be certain order statuses that can be updated by the riders & washers. 

These statuses could be “Picked-up“, “Under Wash“, “Under Ironing“, “Dispatched” and “Delivered“.

This feature must be tested properly before launching the mobile app. Any fault or bug in the tracking system can lead to customers’ disappointments.

#4 Chat Support

A live chat system on a laundry app will allow the customers to coordinate with the riders and vice versa. This live chat will help to make the customers experience wonderful. They don’t feel lost in the whole process.

Integrating a live chat feature on any app is not really a huge task. You can request your app developer to include this feature in your mobile app development contract or proposal.

#5 Discount Coupons

On the payment screen of the mobile app, you can also encourage the customers to key-in the discount coupons, if they have. These coupons will especially help your mobile app to attract the new customers.

You can also provide with a “First Time Order” discount coupon to get your customers engaged with your application.

#6 Reviews

A laundry app must also have an ability for the customers to post reviews about the riders behaviour and vice versa. 

The review system helps not only new customers to view the positive reviews of old customers, but it also encourage the riders to perform at their best in order to get more positive reviews.

#7 Feedback

An ability for the customers to post feedback about the app is the most important feature that you can add in your laundry application because it will help you to improve your services.

The riders can also post the feedback about the app performance and can suggest their ideas in order to improve the whole process. As we all know that nothing is perfect in the first go. It takes several upgrades & enhancements to make the things good. Same applies with mobile applications too.

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