Why E-Commerce Mobile App & 4 Essential Elements Of An E-Commerce App

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Why Mobile Apps For E-Commerce Businesses

Do you run an e-commerce business? Having a mobile app will grow your revenue multifold.

Here are a few of the major reasons for developing a mobile app for every e-commerce business:

ecommerce mobile apps development singapore

#1 Helps In Marketing

A mobile app can help you to market your product arrivals &  offers with its push notifications and in-app offers.

With an increasing number of downloads that mobile apps are getting, you have more opportunities to reach out to new potential customers and existing customers too. Therefore, you get a tool to market your products in an efficient way.

#2 Push Notifications

Asking your customers for subscribing to your push notifications and alerts can be another great way to keep your customer informed about your offers & new arrivals. 

Push notifications on mobile phones is also an excellent way to draw the prospect’s attention. 

So, if you have any product(s) that’s not selling anymore, you can send out push notification alerts to your customers, telling them about the discounts and encouraging them to buy those products from you.

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#3 Customized Display

Your mobile app doesn’t have to be the same as your e-commerce website.

You can get your mobile app developed for a few of your selected product categories or offers only. 

A mobile app developer can help you to synchronize your e-commerce website with your app and display only selected categories or sections. This way, you can show customized views to your customers.

#4 Enhanced Customers Interaction

A mobile app can help e-commerce business owners to interact with their customers directly & efficiently. Interacting with your customers so quickly & easily was not possible ever before.

When any user downloads your e-commerce mobile app on their device, it removes the bridge between you and your user. You can easily send any notification or alert directly to his device screen.

Now since we are convinced that mobile apps can grow your e-commerce business tremendously, let us have a look over some of the tips that can make your e-commerce app stand out from the rest of the competition.

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If you really want to make your mobile application a huge hit, you must make sure that your app has all the required ingredients such as below:

#1 Convenience​

Take note of this. Users will only continue to use your mobile app as long as it provides them with convenience of some sort.

Whether the primary objective of your mobile app is to save time, and money or have fun, the users must enjoy the convenience.

Other than this, your app must be easy to find on the App store or Play store & download on the users’ devices.

#2 Excellent Users' Experience

The key is to understand your potential customers’ preferences & choices and build your mobile apps around there. Every app must be developed keeping customers in mind.

A few but major features that make a mobile app user-friendly include:

a. Easy to tap buttons

b. Easy to navigate screens

c. Easy to read fonts

d. Clutter-free view

#3 Offer Additional Value

There must be a reason for your users to download your app and keep using it. If your app doesn’t provide them with any additional value, your users may start uninstalling your app quickly.

For eg., if you encourage your customers to use your app and get a 5% rebate on each of their purchases, if they use & save their credit card details with your app, you will see an increase in your recurring sales from the same customers.

#4 Get Creative

If you look around and analyze the most profitable mobile apps, all of them have one thing in common. That’s creativity.

Getting more creative with your business app will make you different from the crowd and your competitors. Therefore, it makes complete sense to invest considerable time in thinking about the creative elements that your mobile app can have.

Here are but some of the quick ways to get creative for your mobile apps development:

a.  Ask your team or colleagues and gather the best ideas to develop your app.

b. Discuss with your mobile app developer and discuss new ideas & trends prevailing in the market.

c. Talk to your customers and ask them how you can improve their lives by removing their existing pains & problems.

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