What is flutter and why flutter for your mobile app development?

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The mobile app market is booming, with a steady increase in the number of smartphone users. Moreover, the demand for smartphone apps is growing faster than it did five years ago.

The era of mobile has created a new landscape for entrepreneurs, who can launch or even iterate on products in mere months as opposed to years.

We’re seeing startups based on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, and more — with corporate incubation and investment at an all-time high.

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With this kind of momentum and funding, the future of app development is looking bright!

Before you hire a mobile app developer to build your application, you must understand the different types of options that you have.

You can build a mobile application using different techniques which could be a native or a hybrid.

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Native app development focuses on the construction of an application that is made to take advantage of all the properties available in a specific platform. 

A Native App will run directly on a platform; each operating system or device has access to it without any additional software/plugins or tools to bridge the two platforms together.

Hybrid applications are a combination of web and mobile application technologies. They are part native, part HTML5 — and therefore have the same interface and user experience as a conventional mobile app.

Flutter is a great example of hybrid app development.

In this blog post, I’ve shared a few important things about Flutter that you need to know.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one of the first mobile app development frameworks that can be used to create apps for iOS and Android using just one single programming language.

Flutter uses Google’s Dart programming language, which is safer, more stable, and more scalable than Objective-C or Java — it also has a powerful graphics library with flexible layouts and material design themes.

Why Flutter is good for app development?

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For app developers

Faster development

Flutter’s Hot Reload feature, allows the app developers to iterate faster in real-time as they’re coding. That means there are no build steps that they don’t have to wait until an app is compiled before seeing design changes or bug fixes come into effect.

Cross development

Flutter’s goal is to make coding easier for the app developers and agencies by having a single programming structure translated across iOS and Android devices. Rather than two separate code bases for each operating system, the app developers will be able to create an app once and use the same code if they want to port it to another device later.

This saves lots of time while also avoiding additional development costs, which is why we’re so eager to try this framework out in the first place.

Embedded inbuilt app builder

Flutter app development is the best way to build a cross-platform application for iOS and Android. With its in-built app builder, developers can easily create highly customized UIs that feature prebuilt UI elements, but with more flexibility in their placement. 

Flutter also boasts an intuitive coding language — instead of JSON that most UI frameworks use, Flutter utilizes a Google-designed coding language that’s simple and ensures high quality and fast rendering times.


With Flutter-build, the same code your developers write for your mobile app will automatically compile under many different operating systems — including Android, iOS, and Web. This allows developers to create a cross-platform application in an environment consistent with today’s widely used programming languages.

High-quality graphics

Flutter’s graphics library and aesthetic design make developing attractive and functional apps easier. Flutter enables developers to build high-quality mobile apps that look amazing on any device, with just one code base across Android and iOS.

For entrepreneurs

Low app development cost

With Flutter, you get a 60% cost savings over other hybrid solutions — saving you time and money while providing your product with instant reach.

Faster development

Flutter has made a name for itself with its fast development cycle and near-native performance. What used to take months — sometimes years in some cases — can now be completed in days or weeks. The platform is designed to make creating mobile apps feel like you’re developing a website.

Low cost of maintenance

Flutter lets app developers create apps and maintain them with just a single codebase, which cuts down the cost of development. 

If a developer needs to change the app’s code, he or she can do so without breaking other aspects of the mobile application; this relieves stress and leads to smoother, more efficient mobile app rounds of testing.

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