What Are On-Demand Mobile Apps & 3 Most Popular On-Demand Apps

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Have you ever heard of the term “on-demand mobile apps” but unsure what exactly is that?

Perhaps you have been told that creating an on-demand mobile application is profitable & in high demand but you always wonder what’s that. This blog post is for you.

car rental mobile apps development

In this blog post, I have shared some of the characteristics of an on-demand mobile application and also 3 most popular such apps.

Here are but 4 most important characteristics of an on-demand mobile application:

  • Ability for users to download and signup.
  • Ability for users to search for their desired services or products.
  • Ability for users to make payment and place their orders/bookings.
  • Ability for vendors to view their orders or bookings and fulfil them.

The core objective of these kind of mobile apps is to fulfil the demand of the customer in the minimum possible time frame.

3 Most popular on-demand mobile applications:

#1 Food delivery apps

Today you can order your favorite dish through a mobile application and get it delivered at your doorstep. These kind of apps are quite high in demand due to the convenience that buyers get and the quantity of orders that food outlets get.

Below are some of the basic or essential features of a food delivery app:

  • Digital menu: Food delivery apps allows restaurant owners to create their own menu for the users to view and place their orders.
  • Order placement: The users can quickly place their orders by paying online or choosing cash on delivery, if the app allows to do so.
  • Loyalty program: These kind of apps generally provide lots of loyalty points to their customers for placing their orders.
  • Push notifications: When you install and signup with any food delivery app, you receive notifications on the offers & discounts that various food outlets are providing.

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#2 Healthcare

Developing a mobile app for healthcare industry can take away the stress for both doctors and patients.

Here’s how a healthcare mobile app usually functions:

For doctors

  • Documents tracking: The doctors are able to view & track various documents of the patients like prescription, diagnosis reports etc.
  • Appointment scheduling: Through a healthcare mobile apps, the doctors can view their scheduled appointment on-the-go. So, they don’t need to maintain any physical appointment calendar.
  • Consultation: Some of the healthcare apps  also allow the doctors to provide online consultation to their patients through live chat, emails or video conferencing.

For patients

  • Searching hospitals or clinics: A patient can easily search and find a hospital or clinic that’s near to them. This process takes away the stress of patients who are unsure about the hospital or clinic that they must trust. Usually, a healthcare app also displays the ratings & reviews (posted by other patients) for all the doctors.
  • Lifestyle tips & news: Most of the healthcare apps also publish useful information on lifestyle tips and news that users can view and get educated.
  • Ambulance assistance: As the name suggests, the users can book an ambulance for their patients through a healthcare app.

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#3 Taxi Booking

A taxi booking allows the users to book a ride or share a ride. Talking about on-demand app for taxi booking, Uber is probably ahead of the competition and perhaps one of the pioneers too.

Here are some of the basic features of a taxi booking app:

  • Allowing users to signup/login and enter their trip details.
  • Based on their trip details and current location, the app shows nearby drivers.
  • The drivers who are already logged-in, can accept the job.
  • Once accepted, the drivers then fetch the users and drop to their respective location.
  • The users can pay through their e-wallet or cash to the driver.

What do you need?

Are you too, planning to build an on-demand mobile app, hire a mobile app developer today!

And if you are wondering about the cost to build a mobile application, read this blog post where I have provided some tentative figures that you may be required to spend for developing your app.