What Are Mobile App Push Notifications & Why They Are Important

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What is a push notification?

A push notification is a text message that appears as a pop-up on a mobile device.

push notifications mobile app development singapore

Who can send a push notification to your mobile phones?

The publisher of a mobile app that is downloaded on your mobile device can send out push notifications to you.

The mobile app publishers can send them at any time. You don’t even need to be in the app or use their devices to receive them.

Do you want to grow your business through mobile apps? 

Use push notification marketing for your business. So next time when you hire a mobile app developer to build your apps, do ask him to include push notifications features in the proposal.

How push notifications can help your business grow through mobile apps?

#1 Enhances User Engagement

Push notification features help marketers to communicate with their existing and potential customers effectively & almost instantly.

With the help of these push notifications, mobile app publishers can send real-time updates and reminders that get their users to engage with their brand regularly.

The key is to make sure that the notifications you send are relevant and interesting to your users. If they’re not, you run the risk of annoying them and causing them to uninstall your app. 

But if you can strike the right balance, push notifications can be a powerful tool for keeping your users engaged.

#2 Increases Conversions

Can push notifications on your mobile app help to grow conversions?

Yes, push notifications can help to increase conversions on your mobile app. By sending timely and relevant information straight to users’ devices, you can encourage them to take action that leads to a conversion. 

For example, you could use push notifications to remind users about items they’ve left in their shopping cart, or let them know about a flash sale that’s about to end. As long as the notifications are well-timed and relevant, they can be a powerful tool for driving conversions.

When used efficiently, push notifications can also help advertisers to increase their sales through their mobile apps. If you are a small business owner, then a mobile app can prove to be a selling tool for your business too.

This is the reason I’ve mentioned in many of my previous blog posts that mobile apps can help small businesses to grow their sales & brand rapidly.

You may like to read my full blog post on 7 reasons to have mobile apps for small business.

#3 Re-engage Users

In today’s competitive market, one-time business is not enough. You really need to engage with your users repeatedly.

Perhaps, re-engaging with existing customers is the key to running a business successfully. A mobile app pushes notifications feature does this job more efficiently.

When your new customers download your app on their devices, you get a golden opportunity to engage with them regularly by sending new offers, promos, and launches through push notifications.

#3 Direct Targeted Marketing

Unlike email marketing, where you send out emails massively to all the subscribers, mobile notifications help you to reach out to your targeted customers. Why. You reach only those users who are willing to be notified about the new offers from you.

Having the ability for your business to reach out to your targeted audience instantly was never so easy in the history of marketing & advertising.

#5 Enhances User Experience

A push notification feature is not only for the benefit of app publishers. It can also be helpful to app users who get useful notifications.

For eg. If you have downloaded an app from Amazon and you usually buy and read books on the topics of  “motivation”, you will notice that you will start getting push notifications from Amazon via their mobile apps with the new books recommended for your reading.

Therefore, push notifications features can enhance the users’ experience and help them to make their decisions too.


If mobile apps are beneficial for small businesses to grow their revenue, then the push notifications feature is the key to get success in mobile marketing.

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