Looking To Develop A Mobile App For Jobs Portal? Here Are 16 Essential Features.

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Are you looking to develop a mobile application for job search & manpower hiring? 

If yes, you will find this blog post useful. 

In this blog post, I have shared 16 essential features that every job portal app must have.

mobile apps designer singapore

For Employees

#1 Quick Signup

There are several options for job seekers to find jobs through various web portals and mobile apps. 

It is therefore, very important to make the signup process of job seekers easier & quicker. If they find your signup process too much time-consuming & non-intuitive, they may not use your app at all.

#2 Resume Creator

While having an option for the job seekers to upload their resume is a good idea, but your app can also have a feature to create their resumes on-the-go by asking necessary questions.

What’s more.

You can also make the feature of resume creator paid and allow job seekers to choose their preferred templates and styles in which they want their resumes to be created.

#3 Robust Search

Search is the backbone of any job web portal or mobile application. 

Therefore, you must work with your app developer to ensure that your application has a robust search feature for the job seekers to search their desired jobs based on different criteria like location, experience, skills etc.

#4 Job Alerts

There may be some chances that the job seekers are unable to find their desired job(s) on your mobile app when they are looking for it. Therefore, you must have a feature of “Job Alert” for them to subscribe with. 

This feature will notify the job seekers in the future when their preferred job is available for them to apply.

“Job Alert” can actually be a great medium to engage your users with your app and encourage them to come back.

#5 Quick Apply

Most of the job seeking mobile apps would ask you to fill a lot of information and upload your CV in order to apply for any job. This doesn’t make sense.

Having all the information of job seekers within the database already, they must be able to apply for any job as quick as tap of 2 buttons.

#6 Reviews

Encouraging job seekers to write reviews on the companies they have worked with will allow them to express their thoughts. 

At the same time these reviews can be helpful for the job seekers who intend to join a company but unsure about their working culture.

#7 In-app Messaging to Employers

Similar to LinkedIn, your app can also have a messaging system for the job seekers to communicate with the employers directly. 

If you wish to monetize the in-app messaging feature, you can ask your mobile app developer to restrict the messaging features and allow only paid members to use them.

#8 Add to Favorite

An “Add to Favorite” feature will help the job seekers to shortlist their preferred companies and apply with them together.

For Employees

#1 Easy Subscription

If your business model is such that you want the employers to pay in order to list their profile and job requirements on your application, then you must ensure that the whole system of subscription is easy-to-use. 

A complicated membership feature will push the employers away from your app.

#2 Profile Page

Employers must be able to create a profile page wherein they can talk about their companies, services, vision, mission etc. along with the job requirements. 

This section will help the job seekers to know more about the companies before they can apply.

#3 Quick Job Creation

Creating a job must be as easy as few clicks. If the job creation process is too complicated, most of the employers will never use it, even after signing up and creating their profile.

#4 Application Alerts

On each job application, the employers must be alerted through push notifications.

Instant push notifications will help the employers to take necessary action.

#5 Robust Search

Similar to the job seekers, a search feature for employers must be comprehensive too.

Employers should be able to search the job seekers on the basis of their experience, skills, locations etc. The more parameters employers are allowed to use for searching, the faster will be the hiring process for them.

#6 In-app Messaging With Job Seekers

The employers must also be able to connect with the job seekers through in-app messaging. 

This feature will allow the employers to expedite their hiring process.

#7 Shortlist & Add To Favorite

If the employers are uncertain about any candidate and wish to search for more similar job seekers, they can use the “Add to Favorite” feature so that they can come back to their favorite list and shortlist the best & suitable candidate for their company.

#8 Track Job Seekers' Statuses

Your mobile app must allow the employers to view the status of each job seeker. 

These statuses could be like “actively searching”, “recently joined”, “not searching”, “recently moved” etc. so that the employers can know more about them before sending out any in-app messages.

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