Is React Native Going To Be The Future Of Mobile Application Development?

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Did you know?

According to statistics, by the year 2020, mobile apps are predicted to generate $188.9 billion in revenue (global) which includes both app stores and in-app advertising.

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The above fact simply shows the potential of mobile applications. Now is the right time to enter the exciting world of mobile apps. Also, in order to succeed in the business of mobile apps, one must keep improving their application.

But the challenge is that quality native apps are time-consuming to develop and update as compared to cross-platform apps. Yes, cross-platform apps do provide faster deployment but they also compromise slightly on performance.

So what’s the solution here?

React Native – is the solution. React Native has emerged as a perfect solution to code brilliant apps and has been rapidly transforming the world of mobile.

react native mobile apps development singapore

Here are 6 major reasons why React Native is going to be the future of mobile application development.

#1 Cross-Platform Compatibility

Very few of us know that originally React Native was developed for building iOS mobile apps only but looking at its amazing features, Facebook rolled out its Android support too.

Having said this, now React Native has the ability to build mobile apps for both Android & iOS through a single codebase only.

As a result, when you choose React Native, you save a lot on your mobile app development cost.

#2 Native functionality

The mobile apps that are developed using React Native are as good as any native app. Your app developers don’t need to compromise on usability or integrate with any 3rd party solution.

This is because React Native, along with JavaScript runs the most complex of apps seamlessly, sometimes even better than the real native apps. That’s why it’s called “React Native“.

Therefore, we can safely say that React Native is definitely a complete solution to building a robust mobile application.

#3 Instant Live Updates

Because of the extensive use of JavaScript in React Native, the app developers have the feasibility of pushing the updates directly to the users’ phones vs the traditional way of going through the app store update cycle.

So, you don’t need to wait for hours or sometimes days to reflect new updates on your applications. It can be done instantly, in the case of React Native.

As a result, your users don’t need to face any issues with the older versions of your application because they can get the live updates seamlessly & instantly.

#4 Supported By Facebook

For developing any website or mobile application, the most important concern of any developer and business owner is to choose a viable platform so that it can support the business requirements in the future also.

With React Native, the best thing is that it is backed by the Facebook developer’s community, so you don’t have to worry about the future support of this platform.

#5 Simple to Learn

React Native is really easy to learn for newbie developers since it relies on language fundamentals.

In other words, if developers are new to JavaScript, even then they can learn React Native easily and can perform all the required tasks.

#6 Positive Developer Experience

React Native, being developer friendly, receives great support from the app developers.

All the app developers who develop mobile applications using React Native get a positive experience as they don’t need to through the tedious process of re-building and deployment.

Whenever there are any changes made to the application, the developers can check them even while the app is running, thereby eliminating the need to restart.

What’s more.

By using flexbox layout to generate app layouts for both iOS & Android, React Native has minimized the task to learn just one layout engine to develop on both platforms and the web.

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