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Is React Native Apps Better Than Native Apps?

As a mobile application consultant, I am asked this question quite often “Is react native better than native apps? Can we use react native to build our mobile app and reduce the cost of development”.

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Therefore, I thought to write a blog post and cover some of the important areas like:

  • React Native vs. Native App Development
  • Why React Native is becoming popular?
  • Will React Native affect the overall quality and design of the app?
  • Is React Native better than native?
  • Should I choose React Native?

Let’s understand the above topics one by one.

React Native vs. Native App Development

What is React Native? 

React Native is a framework created by Facebook that enables app developers to build cross-platform mobile apps.

What does that mean?

It simply means that you don’t need to develop separate mobile apps for iOS & Android. Your app developer will just need to work on a single codebase and develop beautiful apps for both operating systems.

How React Native is different from native?

OK, in the case of native mobile app development, your developer has to write & work on 2 separate codebases for both iOS & Android however with React Native, your developer can build the apps for both platforms through a single codebase only.

Why React Native is becoming popular?

Working on a perfect cross-platform technology to develop efficient mobile apps was the dream of every app developer in the mobile apps industry and this dream got transformed into a reality when Facebook launched React Native.

Although there were few cross-platform technologies to build mobile apps previously also all of them were unable to deliver the quality closer to native apps.

The biggest difference between React Native and previous cross-platform frameworks is their approach to UI. Most of those frameworks tried to generate user interfaces by using the same techniques on both platforms.

But in the case of React Native, it converts the same source code into different native components on both platforms. In other words, these are native components, only rendered in a different way. This is the reason the UI of React Native apps looks motivating & engaging on their respective operating systems such as Android & iOS.

React Native is preferred & popular not only among app developers, but business owners also want to build their apps using React Native.

Since React Native requires less time to develop mobile apps and therefore, the cost to develop apps also goes down, more and more companies are choosing React Native.

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Will React Native affect the overall quality and design of the app?

The good news is that you don’t need to compromise on UI while using React Native.

On the quality & functionality side also, React Native is very much close to native. There are a few exceptions where you may be required to build native apps only but in most cases, React Native can accomplish your goals.

But the only thing you will have to consider while using React Native is that you must hire an experienced app developer.

Why hiring an experienced app developer is important while using React Native?

Most of the experienced app developers have strong technical experience with native codes. Usually, they’ve got expertise in Objective-C, Swift & Java and because of that, they would never deliver an app that’s compromised on performance or quality.

Is React Native better than native?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as yes or no.

The decision to choose an appropriate platform to build your mobile apps entirely depends on your requirements.

For instance, if you need a mobile application just for iOS, it doesn’t make sense to develop it using React Native. There are more cases where you may not choose React Native such as when you need an app that requires platform-specific features such as iOS ARKit.

Perhaps, it would be good if you can seek to advise from your mobile app consultant who can guide you well on the appropriate platform and the associated development cost.

Should I choose React Native?

As I’ve mentioned already, you can choose React Native to build your mobile apps as it will help you not only reduce your development cost, but it will also enable you to complete & launch your app faster.

BTW, here are some of the renowned apps that have been developed using React Native:

Bloomberg, Airbnb, Instagram, Uber Eats & lot more…