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How Much Does A Mobile App Costs In Singapore

Do you have a great business idea that you want to transform into a mobile app? The next thing that you must wondering is the cost to develop a mobile app in Singapore. Right?

mobile apps design and development in singapore

I meet several prospects every week and the one common question I am being asked every time is “What is the cost to develop a mobile app“?. My answer, as usual, is “It depends”. 

Yes, the development cost of an app really depends on few factors like:

a. Your business model

b. Features of your mobile app

c. The design complexity

d. The features complexity

In this blog post, I will be sharing few types of mobile applications and their respective development cost.

Let’s begin!

Type 1: Informative Mobile App

An informative mobile app is a simple kind of application that you may need to showcase the services & information about your business or company.

This kind of mobile app is usually simple & requires less effort to build. This kind of app contains several sections and each section has some content and links to other sections.

Your app developer may charge you as low as  $10,000 (for both iOS & Android) to build this kind of application. Do note that the development cost may vary according to your specific requirements and needs.

This cost may include:

a. Designing of app screens

b. Development of applications for both iOS & Android

c. Development of a website to connect or sync with the app

d. Development of web services to integrate mobile apps with the website.

Type 2: Ecommerce Mobile App

If you intend to sell your products online, not only through your ecommerce website, but using mobile apps too, you may go for an ecommerce mobile app.

This kind of mobile app requires a lot of effort and accordingly the cost also goes higher.

Usually, you can get an ecommerce mobile app (for both iOS & Android) in a price range of $20000 to $40000. The cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the project.

Below are but some of the major features of an ecommerce mobile app:

a. Designing of app screens for all the sections like product listing, product detail, add to cart, view cart, checkout, shipping screen, billing screen, payment screen and so on.

b. Development of a robust ecommerce mobile app with all the shopping/ecommerce features such as add to cart, wish list, checkout, view cart, update cart, payment, discount coupons, billing, shipping and so on.

c. Development of an ecommerce website (optional).

d. Synchronisation of ecommerce mobile apps with the ecommerce website through API/web services.

e. Integration of payment gateways.

Type 3: Marketplace Mobile App

Are you looking for a mobile app that allow sellers and buyers or products or services to meet on a common platform? You need a marketplace mobile app.

This kind of app may cost you between $25000 and $50000. Again the price may vary depending upon your specific requirements and needs.

Usually a marketplace mobile app includes below features:

a. Designing of app screens for all the sections like signup, login, product listing, product detail, payment, shipping, billing and so on.

b. Development of mobile app with the ability for buyers to signup, login, add to cart, checkout, pay for their products & provide ratings for the respective sellers.

c. Development of app with the ability for sellers to signup, login, manage profile, manage categories, manage products, manage prices and so on.

d. Development of a marketplace website (optional).

e. Integration of marketplace app with marketplace website through API/web services.

Type 4: User Login Based Mobile Apps

If you want a social mobile app that should have the features like users signup/login, engagement, chat and so on, it may cost you between $40000 and $70000.

These kind of mobile apps really requires a lot of work to do.

Here are some of the common features of users based mobile apps:

a. Designing of app screens for users signup, login, profile pages, chat screens, activity page, emailing system and other social engagement sections like Facebook or WhatsApp.

b. Development of features like signup, login, manage profile, chat, newsfeed, emails, likes, invite and so on.

c. Integration of payment gateway in case of subscription based mobile app.

d. Development of smart features like suggested members, notifications, photo clicks using camera etc.

Type 5: Process Based Mobile Apps

You may also need mobile apps to enhance the process or productivity of your company that may include a CRM, Manpower Management or Human Resource Management.

The cost and effort to build these kind of apps are generally higher.

For eg. a mobile app for CRM or Manpower Management may cost you minimum $60000 and may go beyond $100000. Again the exact cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the project.

The features of these kind of mobile apps generally vary according to the size and process of the company.



Not all apps are same. Therefore, in order to derive an exact quote to develop your mobile application, you must list out the features and discuss with your mobile app developer who can help you to prepare a proposal and transform your business idea into a mobile application .

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