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Building an eCommerce mobile application in Singapore is no longer a challenging venture. All that you need to do is hire an app developer and build an eCommerce app. There are many app developers and app agencies that can help you build a professional-looking mobile application. 

But what about your ROI? How can you make sure that your eCommerce app is built in such a way that it attracts & retains more loyal customers?

mobile app developer in Singapore

If you aren’t sure, this blog post may help you. In this blog post, I’ve shared 10 crucial features that you must insist your app developer add and these features can help you grab more sales & customers.

Personalized User Accounts

Personalizing user accounts in an eCommerce app can enhance the shopping experience of users and provide them with tailored features. Below are some of the instances of personalizing an eCommerce app or website:

  • Access to order history
  • Wishlist and favorites
  • Recommendation of products
  • Saved shopping carts
  • Order notifications
  • Recently viewed items
  • Multi-device sync
  • Feedback & reviews

By adding personalized features to your eCommerce app, you show your customers appreciation towards them because they will feel that you care for them and their shopping experience on your app.

So, when you are building an eCommerce app, ask your mobile app developer to ensure its personalization.

Advanced Search

Incorporating an advanced search feature will help your users find their products quickly and easily.

How can your app developer add advanced search features to your eCommerce application?

Below are 3 most common ways to facilitate advanced search in your eCommerce app or website:

  • Implementing search with filters to allow users to narrow down search results based on various attributes such as price range, brand, size, color, and more.
  • Providing autocomplete suggestions based on popular searches, previous user queries, or trending items.
  • Implementing auto-suggestions as users type in the search bar to assist them in finding products quickly.

One-click Checkout

A seamless checkout is one of the important features that every successful eCommerce app has. If you are building an eCommerce mobile application, ask your app developer to incorporate a one-click checkout. 

A one-click checkout on your app will significantly improve the user experience and help your eCommerce app generate more sales for you by reducing friction and streamlining their purchase journey.

Here are some of the major benefits of having a one-click checkout:

  • Speed & convenience for the users
  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Best user experience
  • Account creation & guest checkout

Push Notifications

A push notification feature can be very beneficial for your eCommerce app because it provides a direct means of engaging with your targeted audience. Below are some of the reasons why your app developer should integrate the push notifications feature into your app:

  • Your customers get timely & instant messages
  • You can easily engage your customers with your app.
  • It can reduce the cart abandonment rate of your app
  • You can inform your customers about flash sales and other promotions
  • You can retain your existing customers by regularly sending them notifications

Order Tracking

Order tracking feature is very important for your eCommerce app to have. With this feature, your targeted customers track their orders using their order number or phone number. This feature will help them to know about their order status without calling you or sending you emails.

Discount Codes

Giving discount coupons or promotional offers is one of the best ways to grab more sales from the same traffic on your app. Everybody loves discounts and when you provide your users with attractive discounts, you are likely to see a rise in your overall sales.

One of the best ways to get new customers is to offer them a flat discount on their first purchase. It will encourage them to buy your product at a discounted rate. 

So, if you are building an eCommerce mobile application, ask your app maker to integrate the discount code feature into it.

Offline Mode

Another great feature to add to your eCommerce app will be to allow your customers to browse the products and save them to their cart in the “offline mode“. It will enable the users to keep shopping even when they don’t have the internet or when they are flying. 

The “offline mode” feature allows users to uninterruptedly keep shopping. And when they are back “online“, they can make the payment and complete their orders.

So, if you don’t want to disappoint or lose your customers even when they are “offline”, ask your app developer to add this feature to your eCommerce mobile application.

Loyalty Program

Adding a loyalty feature to your eCommerce mobile app will help you retain your customers. Below are some of the major benefits of adding a loyalty program to your app:

  • Customer retention: As I mentioned earlier, the loyalty program will help you retain your customers by encouraging them to buy more to get more points and more discounts.

  • Customer engagement:
    Various eCommerce studies have shown that the apps or websites that have loyalty programs are more engaging and appealing to customers as compared to those that don’t have them.

  • Data collection:
    Collecting your customer data is an essential activity to efficiently run your eCommerce business. With the help of a customer loyalty program, you can encourage your customers to leave their details with you that you can use to promote your offers.

  • Repeated orders:
    Needless to mention, customer loyalty programs will help you to get repeated orders from the same customers.

  • Cost-effective marketing:
    You don’t have to spend a lot to add a customer loyalty program to your app and once your developer adds this feature to your app, all you need to do is get connected with your existing customers to upsell to them.

Social Login

Allowing your app users to login/signup using their social accounts can help them checkout easily and quickly. Many eCommerce studies have shown that one of the major reasons for a high abandonment rate on any eCommerce website or app is the complicated sign up process. 

When your app developer integrates social login with your application, it will allow the users to quickly checkout and place their orders with you.

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