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Developing A Mobile App For HealthCare? – Here Are Few Things To Take Care

Having a mobile application for any industry causes disruption in the traditional way of performing activities and making lives easier for everyone involved. Healthcare is not an exception.

Developing a mobile app for healthcare industry can take away the stress for both doctors and patients.

In this blog post, I will be sharing few essential features that a healthcare mobile app must have. For both doctors & patients.

Let’s start.


Essential Features For The Doctors

Here are but 3 essential features that a healthcare mobile app must have for the doctors:

#1 Documents Tracking

There must be an ability for the doctors to track the important information or documents of the patients like prescription, diagnosis reports etc.

This feature will help the doctors to quickly recap or analyse every patient’s health history.

#2 Appointments Scheduling

This should be the most important feature of any healthcare app. It would be not wrong to say that scheduling or booking an appointment feature is the backbone of every service providing app and therefore, much consideration should be put on this section while developing a healthcare mobile app too.

This feature allows doctors to see their booked appointments and available slots. In other words, this feature will allow the doctors to manage their schedule accordingly and at the same time, it will also allows the patients to choose the available yet their preferred time slot to see the doctor.

#3 Patients' Consultation

Some of the advanced healthcare apps can also the feature for the patients to get paid consultation by the doctors. 

So, every healthcare app must allow doctors to provide consultation to their patients through either live chat, emails or video conferencing.

There are several modules available to allow interaction between two parties on a mobile app. You can discuss with your mobile app developer for the same.


Essential Features For The Patients

Below are 5 features for patients that every healthcare mobile must have

#4 Search Doctors or Hospitals

A feature to let the patients search for the doctors or hospitals is also one of the important feature of any healthcare mobile app. 

It allows the users to search for the hospitals or doctors according to their preferences and as per their geolocation, if required.

#5 Call Doctors On-Demand

There are many patients who can’t go down to the hospital or doctor’s clinic to see their doctors. This could be because of their critical illness, disability to walk or any other reason due to which the patient can not visit the doctor’s clinic or hospital.

A doctor on-demand feature can help such patients to call the doctors at their place, of course by paying a little higher fee than usual.

#6 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

There must be a section on the healthcare mobile app for all the users to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

This information could be in the form of some tips or precautions that can be followed in order to prevent or treat any generic disease.

#7 Ambulance Assistance

An option for the users to call the ambulance is a critical feature that every healthcare mobile app development must have in order to provide best services to the users.

This feature must allow the users to call the ambulance directly, if required urgently, or arrange to schedule the ambulance availability at a later time slot, if not urgent.

#8 Personal Folder

The healthcare app must allow all the patients to store all of their important records in their respective storage area allocated to them. These records could be in the form of:

a. Diagnosis reports

b. Prescriptions

c. Insurance documents

d. Any other related document

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