9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

mobile apps development ideas

Do you want to create a mobile app for your business and looking for an app developer?

If yes, then this blog post could guide you about some of the important questions that you must ask your app developer before you hire him or her.

mobile apps development ideas

In this post, I will be sharing 9 important questions to ask before you hire a mobile app developer.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Where can I find examples of mobile applications that you have developed?

This is perhaps the first question that you need to ask your app developer.

Yes, you must check out their previous mobile app works.

Usually, your app developer must be able to provide the links from where you can download, install and check their development works. 

In other cases, the developers may also send over the .apk files to you that you can download and install directly on your Android device, without going to to the App Stores.

#2 May I check with your existing or past clients about the quality of your work & support?

Testimonials is the second thing that you must ask your app developer. 

In other words, you must request your developer to share the details of some of their previous customers whom you can contact & seek the feedback of your shortlisted app developer.

#3 Which platform you will be using to build my mobile application?

In my experience as an app consultant, I have noticed that very few customers would ask their app developer about the technology that they will be using for the mobile apps development. Yet, its an important question to ask.

As an app owner, you must know about the technology that will be used for your mobile apps development. This helps you to do some research and find out if this technology is good for your app or not.

You must also check with your app developer if they will build your app using Native technology or Hybrid one. Both of these technologies have their own pros & cons.

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#4 Who will own the apps code?

Before you begin developing your mobile app, do ensure that you will be given the full & unlocked source code access.

It has been observed in many cases that the app developers either don’t allow their clients to access the source codes, just to keep everything in their control, or some developers would use a 3rd party development tool that doesn’t provide full rights to the source codes.

Therefore, you must ask your app developer about the ownership of the codes. 

Having full ownership of your mobile app will allow you to hire other developers or engage in-house developers, if required in future.

#5 What about the support & warranty of my mobile app?

Don’t forget to ask about the support and warranty that your app developer will provide after the completion & launch of your mobile application. 

There are many app developers who would not provide any sort of warranty after they help their clients to launch their apps.

In the absence of post-launch warranty & support, you may end up paying additional charges to fix any issue(s), that may arise. This may further lead to increase your overall mobile apps development cost.

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Before you hire a mobile app developer, check with him or her about their support & warranty.

#6 Will you help me to submit the mobile application to app store?

Submitting an Android app to the app store may be easier but when it comes to iOS app submission, you may face some challenges like rejections & questions.

It is therefore, recommended that you must seek your app developer’s help throughout the process, right from designing the application till the app submission.

Although, most of the app developers do help their clients to submit the apps, but you must ensure to have this written in your app development proposal or contract.

#7 How you will keep me updated on the app development progress?

This is perhaps the most important question that you must ask your app developer before hiring him or her. You must check with them if they will update you regularly on your app development progress.

For instance, when we build a mobile app for our clients, we always ensure to share the progress with them so that they don’t get any surprise at the end of the development phase.

#8 What are your payment terms?

Although, most of the app developers take 50% deposit and remaining 50% upon the completion of your app, you must have everything mentioned in the proposal. Some of the developers could also agree to split the payment in 3 or even 4 parts for your convenience.

Whatever the payment terms, talk to your developer about it and have them mentioned in your apps development quote.

#9 Are you open to incorporate any iterations on my mobile app?

Last, but not the last, you must confirm with your app developer if they welcome any kind of iterations in design or programming of your mobile app. 

I would say 90% of the app developers won’t accept any kind of iterations once you settle on a job scope and they would demand for additional cost to incorporate any new changes.

Very few mobile app developers would welcome any sort of improvements or suggestions during the development process, without asking for the additional price. 

For instance, we never ask for any extra cost from our clients when it comes to minor modifications in the scope of work. As we understand the entrepreneurial behaviour, always looking for the best…

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