9 Questions That You Must Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

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So you want to develop a mobile application for your business and looking out for best yet affordable app developers to do the job for you?

Here are 9 questions that you must ask before finalising a developer:

#1 How Much Experience They Have?

This is perhaps the most important question before you hire any app developer

The more experience he or she has got in app development, the higher will be the chances that your project will be finish successfully and on time. 

Also, app developers with rich experience can understand your project in a better way and can come up with more ideas.

#2 Will They Outsource Or Develop In-House?

The next question that you must ask your developer is whether he or she will develop the application in-house or they will further outsource to freelancers or agencies. 

Outsourcing is not at all a bad option if your developer can still take care of the coordination & QC, but you must be pre-informed about it.

#3 What Are Their Past Works Like?

Now you must request your app developers to share some of their past development works.

Having a look at some of applications done by your developer will enable you to evaluate his capabilities and at the same time, you can conclude the quality of work that you will be getting from him.

#4 Is App Maintenance Services Provided?

Don’t work with the app developers or agencies who don’t provide maintenance services.

We all know that nothing is perfect in the first go. We have to make it perfect by working out on it & improving it regularly. Same is the case with mobile applications.

Developing a mobile app is not a one-time process. It requires continuous efforts to improve it by introducing new features, eliminating unnecessary features and fixing existing bugs.

So, you must ask your app developer if he or she provides ongoing maintenance & support or not.

#5 How Many Iterations Will Be Provided?

Before you hire a mobile app developer, you must ask about the number of iterations that they will be doing for your app design mock-up.

Some developers don’t agree upon sending out unlimited revisions on the mock-up and eventually ask for additional charges to make any changes.

Therefore, in order to avoid any dispute, you must make it clear with your developer whether he or she will make revisions until you are satisfied or they have some limitations on it.

#6 What's The Service Warranty?

It’s quite likely that you may face some issues or bugs in your app post launch. 

Therefore, it’s important that your developer must accept the responsibility to fix it so that you don’t have to pay any additional amount to pay for fixing these bugs.

For instance, in my case, I do provide a service warranty of 3 months after the launch of app.

#7 How Much Time To Develop?

You may have some deadline in your mind to launch your application. 

Do ensure that your developer is able to meet the deadline. This is a helpful check to avoid any possible disputes. 

If your developer don’t agree to finish your project in the stipulated timeframe and you can’t afford to wait for the launch, then you must consider looking out for some other option.

#8 What Are The Payment Terms?

Apart from the app development cost, it’s essential to know about the payment terms too. Different developers have different payment strategies.

Some of them accept 50/50 which means 50% to upfront & 50% balance upon successful completion of the project.

However many developers have a flexible payment policy too. You can discuss with them and come up with a payment plan that’s convenient to both the parties.

#9 Any Added Values(s)?

Although not every app developer would go extra miles for their clients to build their mobile application. 

However there are still many developers who would add some of the features that they think will be useful for their customers, without charging them any additional amount.

In one of my recent cases, I helped my customer to add a push notification feature in her mobile application because I thought that this feature will help her customers to engage with the app.

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