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9 Must-Have Features In Your E-Commerce Mobile Application

Mobile E-Commerce is at its peak and seams to show no signs of slow down in the near future.

The 2 major reasons of increased demand for e-commerce mobile apps are the higher usage of smartphones and the comfort that they buyers get in purchasing the products online & making easy online payments.

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If you too, run an e-commerce business and just have a website, consider building a mobile app to grow your sales & revenue.

Here are few but major reasons for every e-commerce business to develop a mobile app.

  • Mobile Apps Are Consumer Friendly
  • Mobile Apps Help In Brand Building
  • Direct Method Of Sales Promotion
  • Competitive Benefit
  • Global Reach
  • Offline Functionality
  • Best Marketing Tool

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Now, I am going to share 9 must-have features for every e-commerce mobile app:

#1 Easy Signup/Registration

The most important reason that users prefer to buy using mobile apps is the ease of use. Hence, its important to let all the users signup or register with the website in just a few clicks. 

It has been found through various studies that lengthy or complicated signup process has been one of the major reasons for the order abandonment on an e-commerce website. 

Therefore, if you want your users to complete their orders, do ensure that your app developer makes the registration process simple & easy to use.

#2 Push Notifications

Push notification feature is a marketing cream that most of the app owners have been using to get more traction, leads & sales from their users.

The best thing about push notifications is that they can be sent out and made visible to the users directly on their device screens, thereby grabbing their attention. Unlike emails or SMS, the users can’t ignore your push notifications.

Push notification has been evolving as a new marketing tool for the companies who own mobile applications.

You too, can use it for introducing new offers, discounts or arrivals from your online store. All you need to do is, create a message and send out to all or some of the users

#3 More Payment Options

The more payment options your e-commerce app has, the better it will be for the users. Whether its an e-commerce website or a mobile app, the potential customers should be given ample options to pay online.

Most importantly, you must ensure that your app has all of those payment methods that are prevailing in your targeted region.

Not sure about the commonly used payment methods? 

No worries. 

Do a competitive research and find out what your peers have been doing. And once you find it, request your app developer to integrate all of those payment options in your application.

#4 Social Media Integration

Social Media integration with an e-commerce app has become a necessity, rather than being fancy. 

Everybody is on social media. Your potential buyers too. 

Therefore, it makes total sense to integrate social media features with your e-commerce app to enable the users share your products among their friends, colleagues & families.

#5 Wishlist Feature

Wishlist is a very traditional feature for any e-commerce website. It allows the users to add the products to their wishlist so that they can consider buying them at a later point of time. Same must be applied for your mobile app too.

Yes, if you are planning to create a mobile app for your e-commerce business, do not miss out the wishlist feature.

#6 Synchronisation With E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce mobile app along with a website can do wonders, especially if both are synchronised with each other. 

No matter whether you get the traffic on your app or website, your sales report will be updated in both the cases. 

To achieve this, a perfect synchronisation is required.

Therefore, you must hire a mobile app developer who’ve expertise to sync your mobile app with your website seamlessly.

#7 Easy Checkout

No matter how good is your mobile app design or how better your products are, if the checkout process is not simple & easy-to-use, you are going to lose a lot of orders.

Perhaps, the best way is to allow users:

  • To checkout in few clicks
  • To checkout as a guest
  • To checkout without asking too much information

#8 Google Analytics

Google analytics will help you to view the behaviour of users on your mobile app. Based on these reports, you can make necessary changes and improve the users experience on your app.

It is therefore, vital to integrate Google Analytics with your e-commerce mobile app.

#9 Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & ratings will help your existing customers to leave their feedback on your products and at the same time, it will help the new customers to know about the quality of your products.

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