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9 Essential Elements Of An E-commerce Mobile Application In 2019-2020

Do you run an e-commerce business and looking for some ways to grow your business? Go for mobile app development

Even the e-commerce giants are harnessing the power of e-commerce app development to improve mobile experience for their end users, by using strong technology infrastructures to provide cutting edge mobile applications.

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Clearly, mobile e-commerce is a huge opportunity and is expected to grow further in coming years. The biggest challenge for businesses is to stand out from their competition, so they can engage & retain their customers with stunning and interactive apps.

Here are 9 essential elements that your mobile app developer should include in your e-commerce mobile application to provide you a competitive edge while delivering excellent end user experience.

#1 Simple Signup Process

Most users do not like having to deal with long forms that demand too much information. 

The best way?

Keep the registration process simple and only put the utmost needed fields on the registration form to make it easy for customers to sign up.

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#2 Multiple Payment Options

Customers expect different options in terms of how they make payments for their purchases. Therefore, your app developer must incorporate multiple payment options for customers to choose during the checkout process.

Try to integrate the most used mechanisms and offer secure, safe and hassle-free payment options.

#3 Keep The Design Clean

One of the vital things to ensure during mobile app development is that your content should not appear crammed in the limited apace provided by mobile devices.

So, it is crucial that your layout is simple and uncluttered. It should provide seamless navigation and present your brand or products in an impressive way. 

#4 Analytics

Analytics is a key feature for any mobile app. Understanding user behavior and buying patterns is of utmost importance. 

Things like session time, click through rate, cost of conversion, etc. all provide important information regarding customer behavior, leading to insights that help your app developer tune the app for better user experience and increased revenue.

#5 Feedback System

It is important to have a way for users to provide feedback on your app. It may just be a button or a link to send an email – it does not matter. What is important that the users have a quick way of reporting bugs, offering suggestions & criticisms

Users will appreciate knowing that your business is open to their feedback and that they can provide inputs to shape how your app evolves in future.

#6 Push Notifications

Push notifications are the easiest, coolest and most effective way of engaging your customers and getting them back to your e-commerce store without working too hard. 

Simply promote your discount offers, fresh arrivals or just offer discounts on products left in the cart – these notifications inspire immediate action.

#7 Offline Capabilities

Users get really frustrated when an app becomes completely unusable if the mobile device is not getting a strong signal. 

Your app developer should find ways of building content or interactivity that does not rely too much on availability of mobile signal.

It will make for a positive customer experience while your app users are on the go.

#8 Social Media Login

Your mobile app development should include single sign on technologies like Facebook Connect to allow your customers to use their social media logins for singing into your app, and keeping them logged in.  

Sometimes, the users forget which social network they used when setting up the mobile app, provide them with ways to make it easier for them to login without having to try all their social media accounts.

#9 Lesser Number Of Taps

If you must ask users to fill out forms as part of registration, etc. be zealous about the goal of eliminating every possible tap or click from the user interface. Ask for as little information as possible.

Conversion rates fall sharply when users need to do extra work while signing up. This is a mistake novice app developers make over and over again.

Remember, you have a very short window to hook them, and if they end up having a bad experience, you’ve lost them forever!

Any e-commerce mobile application must include these essential elements to provide its users with an immersive and unique experience that makes their online shopping experience simple and seamless.

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