8 Reasons Why Your Salon Business Needs A Mobile App

mobile application development for salon business

Gone are the days when people used to visit different salons in order to compare & contrast the various beauty services which are not exorbitant. Now most of us, prefer to use a mobile application in order to find our desired products or services in our local area.

Therefore, mobile apps development has become essential for all the businesses and salon business is not an exception anymore. 

mobile application development for salon business

Do you run a salon? For retaining the customers and boosting your ROI, it is pertinent to have a mobile app for your salon business.

Here are 8 major reasons to convince you for developing a mobile app for your business:

#1 Brand Recognition

To attract more and more customers, your salon needs a solid brand building. Until now, you may be using traditional branding mediums such as magazine publication, flyers distribution or online advertising to increase awareness about your business.

But now you must switch to a mobile application that will help you to brand your business in a different way. 

Why mobile application branding is different & effective?

By installing your mobile application on their devices, your customers can always refer to and tap your app icon whenever they need your services. You can also send them push notifications on different occasions so that they don’t forget your brand name.

#2 Easy Booking

When your customers have your mobile app on their devices, all they need to do in order to book an appointment is just tap the icon and choose their desired day & time to confirm.

This kind of easier booking process will always place your salon on the top of their minds, whenever they need your services. 

In a traditional world, we need to call salon manager for booking appointments. At the same time, the salon manager has to get involved personally in order to make the booking process smoother.

But when you have a mobile app, your booking process becomes faster & automated too.

#3 Competitive Edge

Since mobile application development is not very common these days, there are chances that your competitors are not using them as well. 

Therefore, you get a competitive edge over others when you launch a mobile application for your salon business. All you need to do is, hire an affordable mobile app developer and get your business app developed.

Don’t think about gaining competitive edge over small things, just make a big differences by getting a mobile app for your business. 

#4 Customer Base

If your mobile app is intuitive & user-friendly, it can spread like a wild fire

Your existing customers can refer your mobile app to their friends and colleagues, which in turn will increase the number of downloads of your app & eventually grow your customer base too.

The acquiring cost of customers, in case of mobile apps, is pretty lower as compared to other marketing methods. 

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#5 Up-Selling

If you are running a salon business, there are chances that you must be selling cosmetic products too. You may not want to pitch each and every customer who visits your salon, to buy your products along with the services. But your mobile app can.

When the users book your salon services using a mobile app on their device, your app can recommend some of the best selling products to them at the same time. 

Yes, it is certainly possible to program your booking process in such a way that it helps you to up-sell. All you need is, an experience mobile app developer can help you to achieve this. 


#6 Easy Accessibility & Time Saving

Time is indeed a crucial factor in today’s fast modern world. We all are well aware of the importance of multi-tasking in order to save time and to complete several tasks quickly. 

How wonderful it would be for your clients to book all appointments while being in office just by using your salon’s mobile app! 

In addition, to provide better customer experience, you may send your clients reminder messages, alerts and notifications related to bookings. This would express your loyalty towards your clients and would express that you value them.

#7 Customer Engagement

The smarter and quicker approach to seek the attention of the clients is undoubtedly through the mobile app rather than any other source of advertisement. 

By using some of the effective methods like push notifications, social sharingreviews & ratings and feedbacks, you can engage your customers with your business. 

#8 Business Automation

During the recent years, technology has become an active participant in automating any business. 

Be it a website, CRM of any other software, business owners are investing in them to make their lives easier and at the same time getting their business better. A mobile application is at no exception.

By developing a mobile app for your salon, you can easily automate some of the most critical areas of your business such as customer relationship management, booking process, accounting, payments & marketing.

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