8 Reasons To Have Push Notifications For Your Mobile App

push notifications in mobile applications

Developing a mobile application for any business may not be a big challenge these days. You can easily hire an affordable app developer to build your application.

The real challenge comes when you already have an app and you are striving hard to engage and re-engage with your users. 

Here comes push notifications to your rescue. 

push notifications in mobile applications

Why push notifications?

Push notification is a fast & efficient way to communicate with your audience

In this blog post, we will be talking about 8 benefits of push notifications for your business. In other words, we will discuss how the push notification feature can help you to improve your business.

#1 Re-Engage/Retain Users

The target for any mobile app business shouldn’t be just to build an application and encourage users to download it. 

While the truth is that there may be a lot of potential users who have downloaded an app but they seldom use it. If you already have a mobile application, I bet you know what I mean.

Through push notifications, you can easily convert your inactive audience into active users. 

According to several studies, sending more push notifications can increase app retention rates by 3 to 10 times.

#2 Increase Conversion Rate

Want to increase your conversion rate? Go for a mobile app & make sure that you have a push notification feature. 

How push notifications can help you to increase your conversion rate?

By sending timely marketing messages to your potential customers, you can notify them and create a sense of urgency for your products or services, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

When send out push notifications on your mobile apps, you can trigger immediate purchases. 

For instance, if you send your users informative messages & let them know about some limited-time offers, special discounts, or new arrivals in your online store, you get their attention and the chances for them to buy your products become higher.

#3 Targeting Right Audience

By asking for users’ permission to access their location through your mobile app, you can send them location-specific push notifications. It looks so personalized that your potential customers feel that you are interacting with them 1:1.

You can target users according to country, state, or city. 

Let’s take an example of the Waze application. Waze application sends out useful location-based notifications to you, like heavy traffic zones or accidents nearby you. 

This kind of personalized information you can consume to make your rides easier & comfortable.  

#4 Enhance Brand Consistency

Through push notifications, you can establish a marketing channel so that you can provide your users with some value-added information about your company & your services.

Additionally, when you send out push notifications to your users, it also displays your logo within the message, which further strengthens your brand value among your mobile app users. 

#5 Providing Useful Content To Customers

You can enhance your customers’ experience by providing them with useful content through push notifications. 

There has never been in the world of digital marketing, such an instant and cost-effective method of reaching your potential customers directly on their hand-held devices. It’s so instant that once you click the button to send out a push notification, your customer device will beep and draw your users’ attention toward your message. 

Isn’t it wonderful?

All you need to do with push messages to make them a great marketing tool is just make your notifications valuable & time-sensitive and keep a friendly & personal tone.

#6 Enrich Your Customers Journey

Sometimes, your customers may need your help to perform an action to buy your products and services. It’s just that either they are unable to find the easiest way to do that or they tend to be lazy to find it. 

Through a push notification system, you can provide them with a personalized link to perform your desired action like buying any product from you or contacting you for your services. 

#7 Enhancing User Engagement

If your business requires sending out real-time updates and reminders to your audience, then push notifications can help you in achieving it. 

You can send out regular reminders and updates to your customers and get them engaged in your corporate goals. Whether your company’s goal is to get more sales, subscriptions, or leads, you can achieve it by engaging your customers through push messages. 

This simply means that now marketers have a better opportunity to communicate with customers through mobile push notifications.

#8 Track Actionable Metrics

One of the great analytical benefits of the push notification feature is that it offers complex analytics with data on delivery rates, open rates, open times, engagement, and so on.

This important & valuable information can help you to shape-up your marketing strategies in a better and more favorable fashion.


Mobile application development comes with several marketing benefits and push notification is one of them. If used wisely, it can definitely increase your conversion rate and brand value.

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