8 Must Have Features For A Coffee Shop Mobile App

coffee shop mobile app development

Do you run a local coffee shop in your town & thinking of different ways to scale up your business?

Go for a mobile app. Yes, in today’s world, where every giant coffee chain is enhancing their business using great mobile apps, you can do too.

coffee shop mobile app developmentHowever before you invest in your mobile apps development, you must make sure to include all of the essential features in your application that will help to engage with your potential customers and grow your business.

In this blog post, I will have written 8 essential features that a coffee shop mobile app must have.

#1 Coffee Recipe

Coffee is available everywhere. Why should people come to you only. Think about it. 

If you think that you make awesome coffee that people will love, let them know. 

Showcase your recipe on your mobile app and encourage people to taste your special coffee. 

If you brew coffee in different flavours, it would be a great idea to showcase the variety of your coffee on the mobile app.

#2 Digital Menu

Displaying your menu with all the items and their respective prices will be a great idea to showcase the variety of your cafeteria.

Do make sure to mention a brief summary of ingredients for each and every item so that it becomes easier for your users to understand what they should order.

#3 Loyalty Programs

Getting a one-time customer shouldn’t be your objective, right? 

In order to get repeated business from the same customers, you must introduce loyalty programs on your app. 

Give your customers some reward points on their each purchase and offer them a free cup of coffee on accumulation of certain points. 

Studies have shown that loyalty programs can help a business to increase their turnover by more than 20%.

#4 Push Notifications

A push notification is one of the major reasons to develop any app. Simply because, push notifications help businesses to stay connected with their existing customers and facilitate up-selling & repeated business.

Through push notification feature of your mobile app, you can send out marketing messages about discount codes, offers and fresh arrivals directly to your customers’ device screens.

Do make sure that this feature is included in your mobile apps development.

#5 Geo Invitation

Now this is something new that you can do with your mobile apps. 

Through this feature, your mobile app system can identify the users who have downloaded & installed your app and happen to be near your coffee outlet

Hence, you can invite those users by sending out a personalised message with some discounts or offers.

But the key is to hire a professional mobile app developer who can integrate this special feature for you.

#6 Slot Reservation

Let people book their slots in advance. Many formal meetings these days, are held at coffee shops.

By allowing your customers to book their slots in advance & pay online using your mobile app, you can gain a competitive advantage in your business.

Very few local cafeterias provide the option for their customers to book slots online. So, you have the opportunity to grab this great feature.

#7 E-Commerce Store

Don’t just wait for the customers to come to your coffee shop. Allow them to purchase your products online.

You can sell coffee powders, muffins, cakes and other snacks online. Again, it will provide you with a competitive advantage. It’s not just about selling your products online, but you can get your customers engaged with your business in one or the other way.

We all know that the more a customer gets engaged with any business, the more comfortable he is to buy their products & services.

#8 Social Media

Social media is where your audience is. Go, get them.

Encourage your existing customers to share your app with their friends & colleagues and give them some reward points to do this favour.

The more social media engagements you have, the higher will be the chances that your app will go viral

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