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7 Ways To Enhance Users Experience On Your Mobile Apps

A mobile application’s user experience plays a vital role in its success. We all know that. 

But the question is how to enhance the users experience of any mobile app.

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Mobile users have been increasingly demanding a lot more from apps to keep them coming back after the initial download.

Here are 7 small yet powerful ways to enhance your mobile apps to meet the users’ expectations. 

#1 Seek Feedback

Be it a mobile app development or web development, it’s never a one time event. You need to engage yourself & your app developers to enhance your product.

The best way to upgrade or enhance a mobile app is, to continuously ask its users about the best ways to improve their experience. Therefore, having a feedback section on your mobile app will serve you as an idea box to make your mobile app better. 

#2 Consider Different Platforms

Not everybody use the same platform. Some of your users may have an Android phone while  some of them may have iOS.

Therefore, in order to enhance the users experience on your mobile app, you must take care of both the dominant mobile platforms/technologies.

You must hire an app developer who can build both iOS & Android versions of your application.

#3 Reduce Ads & Banners

If you provide free access to all the features of your mobile app, it makes sense for you to include banner ads and earn revenue from them.

When the users get bundle of useful feature, they really don’t mind seeing the ads. The number of advertisements however, must be limited to a few only.

I have seen many apps that shows ad banners on top, bottom and middle section of their app screens. It clearly gives an impression that the publisher don’t want to provide useful features to their users. He simply want to make money.

While it’s true that showing ads on your free apps is not a bad idea at all, too many ads can ruin your credibility and sometimes you may also lose your users.

#4 Single Goal App

Don’t confuse your users with too many features on your single app.

The rule of thumb is to have a single app for one purpose.

when the users see too many different and unrelated features in a single app, they tend to quit. Hence, if you want to provide your audience with the best possible user-experience, talk about one thing at a time.


#5 Notification Preferences

Not all users like to receive messages through push notifications.

Even if a user opts in to receive notifications from you, he may want to unsubscribe in future. Therefore, you must provide them with the option to subscribe or unsubscribe at any point of time.

#6 Loading Speed

Loading speed is very important for a great user experience. Without it, nothing will work.

No matter how beautifully your app has been designed and developed, if it doesn’t load quickly, it will be of no use to the users and your business too.

#7 Keep It Simple

This is the golden rule to succeed in mobile apps business. It’s simply because simple and clean apps interface helps to users experience.

The less clutter your mobile app designs have, the easier it will be for users to operate them.

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