7 Usability Tips For Ecommerce Mobile Apps To Get More Sales

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Do you have a mobile application for your eCommerce business but not getting enough conversions?

Or do you intend to develop an eCommerce mobile app for your business?

In either of the case above, you will find this blog post useful.

ecommerce mobile apps development singapore

Here, I’ve shared 7 tips to improve the user interface of your ecommerce mobile app & get more sales.

Even if you don’t have an app yet but intend to build one, these tips will help you when you hire a mobile app developer to create your apps.

#1 Simple & Uncluttered Interface

Be it a website design or mobile app, a simple and uncluttered interface always fetch more sales.

The rule of thumb is to avoid confusion among your users. Provide them with limited options with a high level of simplicity to use the app.

Perhaps you can focus on showing some of the latest offers on the home screen of your eCommerce mobile app rather than showing 20 products. It will help you not only to make your home screen look clean & uncluttered, but will also help to boost your sales. 

#2 Prominent Buttons

Displaying important buttons like “Add to Cart” & “Checkout” on the prominent positions of the app screen is perhaps the most crucial step you can take toward increasing your sales.

Not only displaying these buttons in the prominent buttons will make a difference, but you can also ensure that:

a. These call-to-action buttons are spread screen-wide so that it’s easier for the users to tap them.

b. The font size & thickness of these buttons’ text must be readable to get more clicks and hence more sales.

#3 Short Checkout Form

Various studies have shown that a short & concise checkout form can lead to a jump of 20% in your overall sales.

Not all users like to spend time filling out lengthy checkout forms to buy products online.

Perhaps, long checkout forms have always been one of the major reasons for the high order abandonment rate. So if you want your eCommerce store to have fewer abandoned orders, always ensure that the checkout form is as short as possible.

#4 Allow Adding To Favorite

When you go to a shopping store for something, you probably like to browse different items and then shortlist the one you think is good for you in terms of both cost & usability.

In the same way, your mobile app users also like to browse before they can make a final decision.

You can allow them to do so by providing them with an option of “Add to Favorite’ or “Add to Wishlist”. These are some of the minor tweaks or enhancements that you can make on your eCommerce mobile app and get more sales.

#5 Clear Messages

If you really want to make your eCommerce mobile app intuitive and rich in user experience, you must ensure that your audience is informed on each and every action that they perform.

For eg., if your users add any item to their cart, do show them a message like “The selected item has been added to your cart.” when they add any item to their wishlist, you must specify something like “The selected item has been added to your wishlist.”

#6 Condensed Navigation

Be it an eCommerce website or eCommerce mobile app, the navigation plays a vital role because it helps the users to browse your store hassle-free.

When it comes to the mobile app, do make sure that your menu navigation is condensed and has all the necessary items that your potential buyer may be interested in.

#7 Show Progress Bar

If your eCommerce store requires the user to fill out a checkout form that has several fields (although a short & concise checkout form is always advised), you must ask your app developer to display a progress bar on the top of the form so that your users are always informed about their current step and remaining steps to complete the form.

Showing a progress bar will help your impatient users to stay on your app until they fill out the whole form and make the payment.

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