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7 Tips To Reduce Mobile Apps Development Cost

Irrespective of their size, many companies are venturing into mobile application development.

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Do you have an idea that you want to convert into a mobile app but you are concerned about the high development costs to build the applications?

Yes, its true that it takes a lot of time to develop mobile apps and therefore, the cost to develop them could go beyond your budget however there are still some ways to reduce the mobile apps development cost.

In this blog post, I will be sharing 7 tips to reduce your app development cost.

#1 Plan in Advance

Having a well-thought-out user flow is really very important. But still most of the app developers tend to skip this crucial step.

Before you actually get your mobile app development started, do ensure to plan in advance.

Proper research & planning will save your money.

What all you should plan before starting your mobile application development:

a. What will be the workflow of your application like?

Have you or your app developer defined a workflow for all the various features & processes of your app? Having a clear-cut direction will reduce the rounds of iterations during & post-development and thereby, saving your money too.

b. Have you identified similar apps, if any?

If your dream mobile application is similar to any of the “already developed” app, you can refer to it and study it first. You may get some valuable insights to define your project specifications too.

c. Have you done a brainstorming session with your app developer?

Perhaps it would be a great idea to have an detailed discussion about your project with your developer. Your mobile app developer may bring-in some great ideas or can advise you on the limitations or restrictions, if any.

#2 Get the designs ready

Visualise it before you actualize it.

Having all the app screens/designs ready before starting the development also saves money.

It simply reduces the timeframe that might be required for iterations at a later stage, in the absence of pre-defined designs. 

#3 Cross Platform Development

Developing a mobile application for all the major platforms like iOS & Android can significantly increase your app development cost. 

The reason is simple. 

You developer will be required to build the codes for both the platforms separately. This process will require a lot of manpower and therefore, the development cost will go higher.

The solution?

Employ the hybrid or cross-platform framework.

Advanced frameworks like React Native allow your app developer to create mobile apps that are similar or close to their native analogs in design & performance.

In other words, if you’re planning on reducing your app development budget, get some advice from the developers. Perhaps, the hybrid/crossplatform solution would be the best option in your particular case.

#4 Start With MVP

If you really want to save your app development cost, start with MVP (minimum viable product) first.


Starting with MVP will help you to launch your mobile apps with the basic features first. It will provide you with an opportunity to test the waters before you actually dive into it. 

In other words,  you can launch your MVP first and based on the feedback & response that you will get from your users, you can enhance your applications.

#5 Go With Open Source

Mobile app open source libraries are gaining popularity & most of the mobile app developers prefer to use them rather than developing an application from scratch.

These open source libraries provide a prebuilt structure & allows an app developer to customize it and make it as per your requirements. Using these libraries significantly reduces the development time, hence save your pocket a lot of cash.

#6 Outsource

While it’s a nice idea to hire full time mobile app developers and get your mobile app developed in-house, but it may turn out to be very expensive. Therefore, if you are a startup or small business in Singapore, you must consider to hire a mobile app development company or an affordable app developer to build your mobile app.

What are the benefits of hiring an app developer:

  • You get to work with experienced app developers.
  • Your development cost is reduced as you don’t have to pay regular salary to an expert (in-house) for developing a single app for your business.

#7 Keep It Simple

Last but not the least tip to build a mobile app at affordable price is to keep it simple.

As I mentioned above also, you can start with MVP first and gradually incorporate new features to it, based on the feedback & response from your audiences.

It could be tempting to introduce tons of great features on your mobile app at its first launch only, but this could eventually eat up your whole investment. 

Being a small business or startup, you must take care of your finances and invest on your application wisely, but gradually.

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