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7 Tips To Hire Mobile App Developer in Singapore

Do you have an idea which you want to transform into a mobile app and looking for a reliable & affordable app developer?

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It is indeed worth investing some time to shortlist and hire an app developer wisely rather than regretting in future.

Your app developer can either make or break your dream project.

Here are 7 tips, rather I would say precautions, that you must consider before hiring an app developer.

#1 Don’t Go By Just Price

Not always, cheap means best.

The app development market is full of developers who just want to do them minimum work to get rid of you and proceed to their next project.

If you’ve already got some experience in hiring web or mobile app developers, you better know what I mean.

Yes, instead of focusing more on the price, evaluate the willingness and interest of your shortlisted app developer to build your mobile app.

At the end of the day, you need to carry out your business with the help of your mobile app and believe me, if it works well, you can make 10X more money of your total investment on its development.

#2 Ask Enough Questions

If you don’t ask questions upfront, you will have to face more disappointments in future.

Don’t ever assume that if you ask more questions, the app developer would think of you as a non-techie person.

Good developers always encourage their prospectives to ask more and more questions because they know that the more questions they reply to, th better will be the understanding for both the parties.

#3 Business Understanding Of Your App Developer

If you think that mobile application development is all about coding, you need to revise your thoughts.

Mobile apps development is completely different from developing a website. Mobile apps development is more of a concept than just a piece of codes.

If your developer fails to understand the core idea behind building an app your business or concept, you app will yield desired results.

What you must do.

Just make sure that your app developer is able to provide you with a gist of developing your mobile application. Not only this, you must ask him to provide you with some ideas to make your app better

If he is able to suggest you great ideas to build and enhance your app, you’ve just got a right guy. Hire him.

#4 Idea Suggesting Ability

Again, you must not see just the coding ability of your app developer, as I mentioned already.

You must ensure that you app developer must be able to come up with great ideas to make your mobile app a better product.

#5 Long Term Association

Check the existence period of your developer or app developing company. Have they been around for quite some years now, you can rely on them.

Mobile apps development is not a one time job. Once you get it developed and launch it, you will definitely make more changes and enhancements for a better version. 

Your app developer must be able to help you and cooperate with you in long term.

#6 Availability & Support

Is your app developer always for you when you need him or her?

What are their turnaround time? What kind of SLA (service level agreement) do they provide.

Very important for you to know all of these details before you hire a mobile app developer for you.

#7 Product Warranty

What kind of warranty do your web developer provides?

Are they always there to help you fix the issues or bugs that you may face after-launch?

No judgement from my side, but it’s just my observation. Many of my clients always complain about their previous app developer who worked with them till the time of their app launch only. 

After the launch, my clients couldn’t get hold of them to fix the problems that they faced post-launch.

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