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7 Selling Features To Include In Your E-commerce App At Low Cost

Back in the day, when e-commerce was just gaining momentum, the most important concern for the business owners was whether they needed to get an e-commerce website. This question has become rhetorical now.

As e-commerce has massively gone mobile now, the question now has turned into, “Do you need to build e-commerce apps for your business”? And even this question is becoming rhetorical now.

Because, now is the perfect time for you to create mobile apps for your e-commerce business to garner bigger profits.

mobile apps development ideas

Due to the continuous progress in mobile app development technologies, the industry is changing drastically.

While your mobile app development cost may go up by quite a bit if you play with novelty features like Augmented Reality and Voice Prompts, there are still a lot of selling features that you can add to your e-commerce app without breaking the bank.

Here, we bring you 7 selling features that you can add to your e-commerce mobile app without increasing your app development cost by much.

#1 Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the easiest and most effective ways of attracting users back to your e-commerce store. 

You can use push notifications to make your customers aware of discounts or fresh arrivals.

It will not take much for your mobile apps developer to add this neat feature and your users will be inspired to take immediate action on the notification. 

What’s more!

Push notifications get more response from users compared to text messages or emails.

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#2 Reviews & Ratings

Allow your users to rate and review the features offered by your e-commerce app. The customers should be able to provide negative as well as positive feedback on your products and services. 

This will help you improve your business.

If your app only shows positive feedback, the customers may feel that they are being deceived and this may affect the success of your business. 

It is easy to find off the shelf components to integrate this feature at low cost.

#3 Advanced Search

E-commerce apps typically have thousands of products listed across tons of categories. 

The app must provide precise filters and advanced search options to help the customers find their favorite items.

A robust search feature on your e-commerce mobile app will allow even new customers to quickly arrive at the products they desire without a lot of hassle.

Adding search is a standard task for your apps developer and this can result in more sales.

#4 Wish List

This is now considered an essential feature for e-commerce mobile apps. Most mobile app makers are well aware of how to implement a wish list feature and it will not cost you much. 

This feature will allow the users to bookmark the items they wish to purchase.

Enabling this feature will allow you to notify the users when you run offers that are applicable to items in their wish list. 

Being able to target the customers based on their wish list will result in better conversion rates.

#5 Featured Products

It is straightforward to feature the trending discount offers and products using banners and vivid sliders. Not only that, they have now become a hallmark of successful e-commerce apps. 

You can make your landing page more appealing by displaying hot products

The customers will notice these the moment they enter your e-commerce app. It will also help you keep track of customers who explore the options presented to them on the slider.

#6 Quick Checkout

This must-have feature is another low hanging fruit that you should not miss out on. 

A “Quick Checkout” feature will allow the customers to complete their order using the information that you already have access to from their profile. This includes the shipping and billing information used by the customer.

Keep your checkout process simple and easy so the user can complete the transaction with minimum clicks. 

A lot of customers abandon their shopping carts if they find the checkout process cumbersome. Quick checkout feature can really result in increased sales for your business.

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#7 Analytics

All businesses must have a follow up system that helps them measure success, progress and growth at periodic intervals. 

Having access to a clear picture of how businesses activities are behaving helps you in scaling and improving customer persuasion strategies.

It is important for you to integrate accurate analytics mechanisms in your e-commerce app to track and record data related to customer behavior and interaction so you can craft a better user experience.

Analytics has become a standard part of most mobile apps. There is a high chance that your app builder will already be aware of ways to integrate analytics in your mobile quickly without incurring a huge cost.

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