7 Great Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile App

mobile apps development for restaurant business singapore

Running a business in this modern day without technology is hard. 

We live in a digital age, and so, almost everything that people do involves one form of technology or the other.

mobile apps development for restaurant business singapore

As an owner of a restaurant, you must not be left lagging. Investing in a mobile app is a sure way to be on top of your game because it helps to solve most of the problems that the food serving industry presents.

Besides, it’ll give that revenue spike that you’ve been craving. Here are many more reasons why you should consider getting a mobile app.

Here are 7 reasons for restaurant/food business owners to develop a mobile app for them.

#1 Draw People Within The Restaurant’s Locality

Your restaurant’s mobile app will help you to focus on, and win the attention of the people close to your restaurant’s location. 

So, how does this happen? Through your app, you can maximize the Apple iBeacon.

The Apple iBeacon device is one that helps you to reach people in your locality, and send them notifications and deals so that when they see them, they will be propelled to come to eat at your place. 

Apart from this, your app will also help you capitalize on the GPS setting which will let you know the whereabouts of people. This way, you can send relevant information to them.

In other words, with your mobile application development, you can attract nearby users to visit your restaurant. 

#2 Get Loyalty and Referrals

People’s recommendations and referrals can go a long way in promoting a brand. 

Meanwhile, a mobile restaurant app can help you capitalize on this.

Offering double royalty & reward points to customers for dining in and referring the restaurant to someone else via their mobile app is a brilliant way of increasing sales.

This is a low-cost but successful marketing activity, and your restaurant will be wise to take advantage of it. 

If your restaurant doesn’t have an app yet, then it’s time to consult a mobile app developer.

#3 Easy Orders Fulfilment

One thing about technology is that it makes things easier for us. 

The same goes for a mobile app since it helps you make more money, while also enabling you to please your customers with ease.

Sometimes, when customers place their orders, you might have to keep calling to keep tabs on all the orders. This is time-consuming and frustrating for both parties involved. 

However, a mobile app will help sort this out and prevent the stress of constant telephoning.

#4 Get More Customers & More Sales

A mobile restaurant app is all about convenience. When people realize that they can order through your app, they are likely to do it often. 

Why? Because it is convenient.

Your app is like a sales channel. Customers find it easy to book at your place if they can do it via an app instead of having to call. 

People begin to associate your restaurant with ease and timeliness

#5 Get Better On-Site Services

It is incredible how a mobile app can make a business run faster & better. It makes your restaurant offer better on-site service.

Immediately an order comes in via the mobile app, your staff can swing into action. When the carry-out customer does arrive, he only has to spend a few minutes, and then he is on their way.

Of course, this is far better than waiting for an in-shop fulfillment where a customer would likely have to join a queue or wait for a long.

#6 Enhance Social Sharing

Another thing a mobile app will do for your restaurant helps your customers to leave favorable reviews on your page. Meanwhile, the more you get these reviews, the more the fame of your restaurant spreads.

To further encourage this, you could even go ahead to ask your customers to review your app on your online page or share their experience on social media.

Attaching a loyalty reward point to this will make the reviews come in faster.

#7 Keep Records

One other reason why a mobile app is right for your restaurant is that it keeps a record of all the orders and transactions made through it.

You can access valuable information about customers’ expectations, ordering time, frequency, and feedback on the quality of your cuisines. If the app developer adds a portal for online payment, then you can access information about that too.


Mobile app development has proved a favorable growth for restaurants. Every day, it inspires the food serving industry to come up with less complicated experiences for their customers.

The only best thing left for you to do is join in on this trend and rank among the top 5 percent of restaurants in your area.

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