7 Essential Points Of A Mobile App Development Contract

mobile apps development contract

Are you looking for a mobile app developer to build your application? 

Before you hire any developer or an app development agency, do make sure to have a contract signed by them.

mobile apps development contract

If you are not sure about the contents of a mobile app development contract, this blog post will help you.

Here, I have shared 7 but essential points/clauses that a mobile app contract must have.

#1 Scope Of Work

In order to avoid all kinds of disappointments in future, you must have clearly stated the detailed scope of work.

The scope of work is essential to make sure that you and your app developer have the same understanding about the project deliverables.

#2 Payment Terms

What’s the total development cost of your mobile application?

How you are going to pay (monthly or progressively)? 

Are there any hidden charges or surcharge?

All of these questions must answered well within the contract so that there are no conflicts. 

By mentioning about the payment terms clearly in your development contract, your app developer will come to know about the milestones for following payment(s) and at the same time you also be required to pay upon successful completion of each milestone(s). 

#3 Source Codes

There is a common mistake that most of the app owners make. They do not talk to their app developers about the source codes handover.

Don’t make this mistake. Do make sure to include a clause for your developer to handover the full source codes upon the successful completion of your mobile app.

I often meet many business owners who don’t have the latest copy of their website or mobile app source codes and they have to chase their previous developers. The things get worst when their developers are no more reachable.¬†

#4 Termination

An app development contract must also have clearly stated the circumstances under which the contract can be terminated by either parties. 

Also, it must be mentioned how much notice is required to be served in order to terminate the contract.

#5 Non-Disclosure

A non-disclosure clause is also an essential part of any mobile app development contract. Especially, if your idea is innovative and new to the market, you must include a non-disclosure clause in your contract. 

Under this clause, your app developer will be required to keep your ideas & concept confidential and limited to his app development team only. 

#6 Warranties

What kind of warranty will be provided by your app developer after the completion of your project, or even after the launch. All of these details must be clearly stated in the app development contract.

In the absence of warranty clause, your developer may charge you additional amount of money to fix the bugs that may arise immediately after the launch.

At Innomedia, we always provide a minimum warranty of 3 months on all of our services. 

Whether its a website design or a mobile application development, we always help our clients to resolve any bug, that may surface after the launch. 

#7 Obligations

Whether you hire a mobile app developer or development agency, you must ensure to define their obligations while developing your application.

The app development contract must have clear instructions mentioned on which your developer is supposed to deliver the application.

It must also state that your app developer or agency is fully obliged to behave in a certain manner and that they must take care of your project with the required skills & care. 

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