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7 Essential Features Of A Mobile Application For Florist

Are you a florist and want to capture impressive ROI for your business?

Invest in a mobile app.

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A mobile app can help your flower business to get more sales and customer engagement.

If you are worried about the high development cost of a mobile app, you can read one of my previous blog post where I shared some tips to reduce the cost of your mobile app development.

But if you have already decided to hire an app developer to build your mobile app, you must make sure that your app has all the essential features to run your business seamlessly and add value to your overall revenue.

In this blog posts, I will be sharing 7 essential features that a mobile app for florist must have.

#1 Flower Bunching

This feature will provide your customers with an option to choose different flowers and prepare their own bunch.

It will help them to accumulate their favorite flowers together, prepare a bunch & send it to their loved ones.

So, instead of showing your users preset flower bunches, which they may not like, why not let them make their own bunches.

#2 Push Notification

The feature of push notification is perhaps one of the major reasons for any business to have a mobile app.

This feature helps flower business owners to send out customized messages in the form of push notifications that appears on the phone screen of the users who have installed their app.

So next time, when you want to offer some discount on any upcoming festival or special occasion, you can inform your existing users about this offer and encourage them to buy again from you.

#3 Analytics

Having analytic tool integrated with your mobile app is as important as the existence of your application in the very first place.

Why analytic is important for your mobile app:

  • App analytics enables you to gather accurate data to better serve your customers.
  • App analytics allow you to run personalized, customerfocused marketing.
  • App analytics let you track performance of every individual campaign & their respective ROI.
  • Analytics offer datadriven insights for you to enhance your mobile app.

Configuring analytic tool with your mobile app is not a complicated job for your app developer and most importantly its free to use. So you must not miss out this feature to have in your application.

#4 Few Clicks Checkout

A mobile app for your online florist business is not the same as your website and therefore it must treated differently too.

For instance, on your ecommerce website, you may ask all the additional questions from your customers, if required. But in case of a mobile app, restrict yourself to ask only mandatory questions or fields and ensure that your checkout is just a 1-step or 2-step process.

#5 Predefined Messages

In case of an online flowers mobile app, its imperative to have a list of predefined messages that help your buyers to choose an appropriate message for their loved ones.

A set of predefined messages for your customers to choose makes the checkout process seamless.

#6 Feedback System

Having a feedback system on your mobile app and encouraging your customers to write reviews about your products & services help your business to gain credibility. The more positive reviews your business have, the higher will be your sales figure.

Therefore, a feedback system is an integral feature to have on the mobile application for your flower shop.

#7 Simplified Design

As Steve Jobs quoted “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”, a simplified design is the key to success of any mobile application.

Don’t get overwhelmed to incorporate several features at the same time for your mobile application. Enhance your app progressively, but definitely.

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