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7 Common Myths About Mobile Application Design

Do you have a great idea and intend to build a mobile application around it?


But before you proceed ahead and hire a mobile app developer to build your dream application, here are few things to know. 

In this blog post, I have listed out 7 common myths about mobile app development which you must know before you get started on it.  

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Let’s get started.  

#1 Mobile apps are too expensive

Most of the small businesses and startups do not even think to create their mobile apps because of their limited budget. They think that mobile application development can cost them a fortune. It’s not true!

Yes, mobile app development cost depends on your requirements. 

If you have a lot of advanced & complicated requirements, then you will surely have to pay a lot but if you just need a simple app to test out your idea in the market, you can get your dream app for as low as few thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, you must do an intensive research on searching & finding best yet affordable app developers who can help you with not just creating your mobile app at affordable price, but maintaining it too.

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#2 Mobile apps are just for smartphones

There is a common misconception among many people that mobile apps are just for smartphones. Again, that’s not true. 

Your app developer can help you to build a mobile application for smartphones, tablets and even wearables

#3 Mobile apps can be developed quickly

I get surprised when I meet some prospects who believe that we can build their mobile applications in a couple of days. I always explain them that developing a website is completely different from app development. 

While it’s true that a website can be created in few days or even few hours in some of the cases, but when it comes to mobile application development, it takes time. 

Depending upon the complexity of your work scope, it may take few weeks or even months to compete a mobile app. 

#4 Mobile app needs a unique idea

Are you also among those people who think that you need a unique idea in order to build & run a successful app? Consider it again. 

There is no need for you to have a unique idea in order to build a mobile application. 

You can also consider creating an upgraded version of any of the existing mobile apps. Perhaps, you may think about some of the loopholes in the existing apps and create your own version by overcoming those shortcomings. 

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#5 Mobile app is a one-time thing

There is another myth about mobile app development that it’s a one-time thing. Once it’s developed, it’s done.

Similar to other myths, this one is too untrue!

In fact, the real work starts only after the app is developed. Because when you complete & launch your mobile app in the market, you get a lot of feedbacks and ideas from your real-time users.

So, the next job for you is to enhance your application based on these ideas & suggestions from your users. 

Since, the primary objective of creating a mobile application is to enhance the user-experience, you must keep upgrading your app according to their feedbacks & suggestions. 

#6 Marketing a mobile app is expensive

Do you think that it requires a huge investment to market a mobile application? Perish that thought. There are several online marketing activities that you can perform in order to market your app. 

Below are some of the major yet affordable marketing mediums for your app:

  • Facebook marketing & advertising
  • LinkedIn marketing & advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google advertising

#7 In-house mobile app development is good

While its true that hiring in-house app developers can help to protect your idea but it can become a very expensive affair for you. 

Instead, you can consider outsourcing your project to an app developer who can work with you on yearly retainership model. 

You can still sign an NDA & other necessary legal documents in order to ensure the privacy of your mobile app ideas. 

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