6 Ways Your Mobile App Developer Can Speed Up The Development Process

mobile apps development ideas

Do you need a mobile application that has to be launched as soon as possible but your app developer has given you a large timeframe to finish the job?

We all know that building a mobile application can be expensive as well as time-consuming. 

Why not. 

Here we are talking about developing an application in different platforms.

In other words, your app developers may be required to build a separate codebase for both iOS Android apps.

mobile apps development ideas

But, the good news is that by following few tips, your app developer can really shorten the timeframe to develop your mobile application.

Here, I have shared 6 ways in which your app developer can speed up the development process and make your mobile application live in few weeks.

Let’s get started!

#1 Cross Platform Development

This is perhaps the first step to build a mobile application in lesser time.

When you have a great idea to develop your mobile app, the first question that you or your app developer has could be:

“Which platform should we choose?”

If your app developer chooses to develop the app on multiple codebases, he is simply increasing the app development timeframe by double.

What’s the solution here?

Choose cross platform development. 

A cross-platform development tool (such as Xamrin, Flutter SDK) will allow you to target multiple mobile platforms with the same codebase, thereby eliminating the time your app developer would have spent writing, rewriting, and re-compiling the code to make them work on different platforms.

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#2 Go For MVP

If you really want to build & launch your mobile application, go for a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first.

Don’t wait for the completion of whole project & release your MVP as soon as its ready.

There is another benefit of releasing the app little and often. You can have a strict control & laser-focussed check on the quality of your application at the time of each launch.

So, here’s the plan.

You can release your MVP as soon as its ready and start getting feedback from the users while your application developer is still in the process of working on the next milestone. 

This will allow you to roll-out your next phase/milestone along with the fixes or modifications on the previous lot.

The good news is that developing & releasing your app in milestones will not only allow you to have a better control on the quality, but it will also help you save money. Because in this case, you don’t need to put all of your investment in one-go.

#3 Prepare Wireframes

Instead of asking your app developer to start writing code for your mobile application, you must get all the wireframes ready with you.

With the help of your graphic designer, you can have the wireframe ready for each and every screen so that your app developer knows the exact outcome of your app and lesser number iterations will be required after the development.

The best part of creating wireframes before starting the app development is that you can have several iterations in the wireframes, without affecting the time & cost of development.

Oh, by the way, if you are thinking that you may end-up paying to your graphic designer for each and every screen, there is another way “do it yourself”. 

Yes, grab a clean sheet of paper & pencil and start sketching out your ideas.

#4 Automated Testing

When you have lesser time to spend on your app development, testing and launch, you must go for an automated testing. 

Instead of testing the app flow and processes manually, you can take help of a reliable app testing tool like Appium to speed-up the testing process.

How Appium can help you?

Appium provides a popular test automation framework for iOS, Android, and Windows applications, and uses automation frameworks, so you can test your application without having to spend time re-compiling your code.

#5 Take An Agile Approach

What is an agile approach?

It’s basically “working smarter rather than working harder”.

When you follow an agile approach for developing your mobile application, you don’t put all the money, resources and time on completing the app development. Instead, you develop & release the apps in pieces.

Here’s how an agile approach can help you:

  • It allows you to launch your app sooner.
  • It allows you to seek real-time feedback from your users.
  • It allows you to test each piece properly.
  • It allows you to eliminate unnecessary features, based on the users feedback.

#6 Hire An Experienced App Developer

Last, but not the least, in order to save your development time & cost, you must hire an experienced app developer to build your mobile application.

When you hire an experience app developer, it helps you to:

  • Save the development time of your application.
  • Save the cost of mobile app development as the experienced app developers know the right approach to do everything right at first time.
  • Launch your app on-time.
  • Get valuable ideas based on your developer’s experiences.

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